How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Personal Resort

For some, the backyard is a mini home away from home. In beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, you can do so many things in a backyard to make it seem like a vacation right outside of your house. Some of the most exceptional components to make this happen are a bar and grill, a fire pit/place, and patio furniture. To make your first step into the backyard seem as if you walked onto a patio in Cancún, you need one or all of these additions.

You Want a Bar and Grill

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In Jacksonville, a bar and grill are the best starts to making your backyard into a dream. Depending on the size of your yard will determine what size of bar and grill set you get. Paradise Grills in Jacksonville offers many different sizes, from smaller cheaper versions to extra large, top of the line grills, equipped with a television and a sink. The bar can also be customized; you can go with a rounded bar, or a squared-off bar to accent the style of your home. The customization is endless! 

The entertainment factor a bar and grill adds to your Florida home is crazy. It’s hard to keep a party entertained inside and outside, so why not move everyone outside and have a better time. Cooking indoors can get pretty hot, especially in Jacksonville, so do the cooking outside where the party is. 

Another added benefit of an outdoor bar and grill is that it adds value to your home, all of these will, but this will add the most value. Throwing a party can be tiresome when the party is over, and everyone has left, why not have some relaxing time by a fire?

Take Relaxation up a Notch

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There are two main relaxation centers in a backyard; a pool, and a fire pit. The cheaper choice is a fire pit, after a stressful day at work, or a busy party, you can light the fire, grab a hot chocolate and kick back for a while.

There are two different types of backyard fires, a fire pit, or a fireplace. Each has its advantages and disadvantages to be taken into consideration.

 A fire pit is basically just a pit in the ground. Nothing special. It gets the job done. Although this cannot direct any smoke, it has to be placed further away from your house to prevent a fire. A significant upside is that it has a 360° seating area; at best, a fireplace has half of that. Making the fire pit a better option for larger families or families who entertain often. 

On the other hand, a fireplace has more flexibility in where it can be placed. Since it has a chimney system, you can even put it right on your patio. Although it is not best suited for parties, as it doesn’t sit as many, but for a smaller family, it is perfect. 

You may be asking why do I need a fire in my backyard? Well, there are many reasons; making s’mores, warming up, relaxing, and it will add value to your home. Now that you have a place to make food and entertain, and a place to relax after it is all over, what about seating or shade?

Patio Furniture

In Jacksonville, patio furniture can often bring your whole backyard set-up together. Seating is a must for any patio setting, the color, type, and material will come into play here. Your local grill store in Jacksonville, Florida, can help with that. 

Imagine having a party in the harsh sun, and there is no place to escape it unless you go inside, not good, right? An excellent addition is outdoor umbrellas or depending on your aesthetic, a tiki hut. Why not just bring out some bar stools from inside? Well, they aren’t built to be out outside in the elements and will deteriorate fast. To tie your dream backyard together, get some patio furniture and decorations to make your backyard seem like a mini home away from home. 

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