How to Polish Your Metals With the Sheen Genie

Oxidation. It is every metal surface’s worst enemy. It is a chemical reaction that occurs when most metal is exposed to the elements. Oxygen and moisture are the two main culprits. The product of this chemical reaction is corrosion or oxidation. Of the many different types of oxidation, rust is the most common. You never realize how many things around your home are made of metal until they start to lose their luster. So how can you get rid of rust and other kinds of oxidation? In short, polish.

Using a metal polish is the best action you can take to not only remove the layers of oxidation but protect from further corrosion. By learning how to polish your items you can extend their life and enhance their looks. The people behind Sheen Genie have worked hard to create a superior product. They’ve also spent the time behind the scenes to figure out the best practices when it comes to how to use your metal polish.

Why Use Sheen Genie?

For decades, most metal polishes have used large amounts of abrasive chemicals in their formulas. Sheen Genie uses an alkaline formula that is non-acidic, making it so it won’t eat through the metal surface of your items. Common abrasives such as Aluminum Oxide and Chromium Oxide are designed to remove the tarnish and buildup by literally scratching it off. While this is effective, it can easily ruin the surface of whatever you’re working to polish. If you use the wrong compound, apply too much product, or use too much force you can ruin your items. If you don’t know how to use polish it’s easy to scratch through the protective layers allowing rust and corrosion to creep up more frequently.

Sheen Genie believed that there had to be a better way to remove corrosion and protect your many various metal items. That’s why they created a formula that is solvent and oil-free that creates a soft chemical reaction, giving your polished materials long-lasting shine. The wipe on, wipe off solution requires no buffing, providing effortless cleaning. And since it’s water-based, it is much easier on the environment than it is on rust and tarnish.

How to Polish Chrome

Sheen Genie was originally created for the automotive world. Car enthusiasts know how satisfying it can be to have a clean car with shiny chrome accents and wheels that can be seen from a mile away. But keeping your car’s gleam up to par can be a difficult feat with all of the grime that ends up on the road. While chrome is more corrosion resistant than aluminum, it is important to keep up on its care. People who live in areas that see snow and ice know how dingy it can start to look after a while.

chrome shining front of car

The All Metal Polish + Cleaner is safe to use on any chrome plated surface up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it’s water based, it won’t leave any greasy or milky residue. It also doubles as a scratch and pitting filler. This means your chrome will be able to shine brighter than ever.

You might be surprised to find the best way to use this polish is also the simplest. Since it is a cleaner, you don’t have to clean your chrome surface before using it. But it might be a good idea since clearing the surface of dirt and other debris will give the polish maximum contact with your chrome. Apply a small amount of the solution to a dry terry cloth and rub it on with the grain of the metal. You won’t need to use a lot of solution. Sheen genie has worked hard to find the correct viscosity of its solution, ensuring that your product goes a long way. Let it dry for 1-2 minutes until it feels less tacky. Using a different cloth, wipe the area clean. You don’t need to buff, but you can if you desire. For a mirror-like finish, follow up with the Sealer + Repellent. Use the same steps as you did with the Polish + Cleaner. You’ll find you have a shine that lasts for many months to come.

How to Use Your Polish on Aluminum Wheels

If you’re looking up how to polish your wheels, you probably have figured out how time-consuming it could be. With all of the nooks and crannies, it might be difficult to get a buffing wheel in there to remove rust and other buildups. The biggest benefit to using the Sheen Genie aluminum polish is how incredibly easy it is to get great results.

aluminum polish for wheels

Using a clean terry cloth, put a quarter-sized amount of the product on one section of the towel. Making small circles, rub the solution onto the metal surface. After about 5 seconds, use the clean section of the towel to wipe the polish off. You’re done!

Boom. You never knew how easy it would be learning how to use polish to make your aluminum wheels look like new. But it doesn’t have to just be your wheels. You can use Sheen Genie on other various aluminum car parts.

Use your polish on your:

  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder head covers
  • Gear drive covers
  • Exhaust lines
  • Axle covers
  • Step bars
  • Door handles and hinges
  • Gas tanks
  • Truck boxes

Now that your car or truck is shining like the sun, get that Sheen genie out and use it on the rest of the items in your garage. Try it out on the aluminum parts on your boat. Shine up your motorcycle or bicycle. Clean up your tools and tool boxes. This polish works wonders on diamond plate! Once you’ve polished all of that, tackle your BBQ grill just for kicks. Throw a summer dinner party in your driveway that will make your friends, family, and neighbors jealous.

How to Polish Stainless Steel With Sheen Genie

Stainless steel and rust? Sounds like it shouldn’t be possible, right? While stainless steel is more resistant to rust than most metals, it still has the vulnerability to rust just like the rest of them. Chromium is the element that makes it rust resistant, but when exposed to the oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere chromium oxide is created. The chromium oxide creates an invisible layer that protects the steel, but if it gets damaged rust can make its way in.

Sheen Genie ultimate metal care kit

The best way to remove and protect against rust is to polish your stainless steel items. Appliances, door knobs, silverware, and cutlery are all good examples of things you use every day that are made of stainless steel. By using Sheen Genie products you’re not only making your home and/or business look clean and new, but also protecting it from further damage or corrosion.

Use a clean, dry terry cloth and apply a small amount of the solution to it. Apply the Cleaner + Polish to your product along the grain in the metal surface. Wait 1-2 minutes, and wipe off with a different terry cloth than you applied the polish with. For even better and longer-lasting results, follow up with the Sealer + Repellent. You’ll be amazed at what comes off of your belongings.