How To Exercise From Home The Right Way

Whether it’s simply to get more fit or part of a weight loss program, missing out on your favorite exercise routines at the gym is probably on your top 10 list of frustrations during the 2020 lockdown. You can only go so long before the pent-up energy that normally would have been released at the gym starts to boil over, and it’s made even worse with so much time spent indoors.

Here are the basic exercises to do at home that will give you the same benefits as gym workouts.

Hindu Squats

Hindu squats are easy at first, but with enough reps, you’ll find them as challenging as any barbell squat workout.

Hold your arms out in front of you, breathe in and squat down. As you squat, bring your arms to your center until your elbows are out to your sides and then bring down behind your buttox. As you bring your body back up to standing position, swing your arms back up until they are fully extended out in front of you again.

Repeat this process over and over again. If you can get to 100, your thighs should be more or less on fire by the end of your set. 

Hand-release Push-ups

Most people don’t do push-ups properly. That is to say, they perform fast, incomplete push-ups to try and get as many in at one time as possible.

As with most exercises, quality is better than quantity. 

One of the best push-ups is the hand-release push-up. Start in a kneeling position with your hands down to your side, bring your arms up into a T, then bring them straight out in front of you. Now retract them straight back and raise your hands so your fingers are pointing to the ceiling.

Move forward until your chest is fully touching the floor and pull your hands off the floor, squeezing your shoulder blades. 

Now push up until your elbows are fully extended.

Repeat this process as many times as you can. You’ll probably be surprised how much deeper of a workout this is than your standard push-ups.

Variations of Pull-ups

You’d be surprised how many different kinds of pull-ups are possible, including:

  • The Basic Pull-up
  • Underhand Grip (Chin-up)
  • Neutral Grip Pull-up
  • Dead Hang Pull-up
  • Kipping Pull-up
  • Australian Pull-up
  • Decline Australian Pull-up
  • Commando Pull-up
  • L-sit Pull-up
  • Behind the Neck Pull-up
  • Archer Pull-up
  • Circle Pull-up
  • Plyometric Pull-up
  • Clapping Pull-up
  • In & Out Pull-up
  • Over/Under Pull-up
  • The X Pull-up
  • The One Arm Pull-up

Now, the only thing you need is a pull-up bar. 

Don’t use a hang-up bar! This is one of the best ways to break a leg, as they have a tendency to come off mid pull-up, catching you off guard and potentially leading to a sprained or broken ankle. 

Instead, order a screw-in pull-up bar – these are far safer.