How To Choose A Snow Removal Company

Residents of Idaho Falls that have been dreaming of a white Christmas appear to be getting their wish this year. With the first big snowfall of the year that just hit, some people are scrambling to find a snow removal company. Especially with more snow in the forecast. If you are reading this, you just might be in the same sled (or boat if you prefer the original saying).

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. This article will tell you all you need to know about how to find the right snow removal company in Idaho Falls or wherever you are. Here we go.

Traits Of A Great Snow Removal Company

Before you choose a snow removal company for your property, what should you take into consideration? Here are some of the important traits to be looking for.


This is a big deal in any relationship. And the one between the snow removal company and the client is no different. Any business that is going to be impacted (especially financially) by the performance of the company they hired to clear the snow expects and deserves clear communication. Any failure in the communication department may lead to a parking lot being missed or plowed after it is too late. Mistakes like these ruin business relationships and a good company will work doubly hard to make sure it doesn’t happen.

The Details

When you hire anybody to do anything, you expect them to do a good job. This can’t happen without paying close attention to the details. Good snow removal companies do the job without having the customer even realize all of the logistics that go into it. Where will they put the snow? What time of day does the snow need to be moved? What needs to happen to prevent property damage? How do they prevent ice from building up? What should be done to make sure there is no disruption to the business and its customers? There is a lot of planning and preparation in the process of pushing snow out of the way. And when it is done right, customers won’t even know the half of it.


The snow removal process is done in a variety of ways, with a variety of tools. Not everybody can afford to use a $700,000, 3-in-one, piece of equipment like the Idaho Falls Airport recently acquired. Most snow removal jobs have some areas that a 22-foot wide path just won’t work for. Fortunately, there are plenty of other resources available — from a shovel to a skid steer.

Sometimes it is better to focus on productivity rather than price. With the right equipment, snow removal can go pretty quickly. With the wrong equipment, a one-hour job could become a five-hour job. A lower hourly rate doesn’t necessarily mean a lower overall cost. Keep this in mind when selecting your snow removal company.


In most situations, overnight snowfall needs to be cleared in the very early hours of the morning. This work needs to be done early so it can be finished before the business opens for the day to limit any disruption to business operations. For residential snow removal, people need to be able to get out and get to work on time. The best snow removal companies make sure they have time to get all of their clients clear before the busy day begins.

Snow Removal Evaluation

Maybe you have used a snow removal company in the past. Maybe you aren’t sure how they compare or if you should hire them again. Consider the following when making your snow removal decisions in the future.

  • Contract. You did sign a contract right? If not, you certainly should in the future. Was everything included in the agreement? Were there any surprises that came up during the service? It is always a smart move for your business to get things in writing and control risk management for any services.
  • Recommendation. Would you recommend this company to someone else? This is the surest sign that they have done a good job for you. If they are reliable and effective in doing the job for you, then you’d likely be willing to pass their name on to someone else.
  • Equipment. Does the company have the proper equipment to do the job quickly, efficiently, and without causing additional disruption? Did they just move the snow or did they use de-icer and pre-treat the area too?
  • Snow removal. Did the company remove snow quickly after the storm hit? We’re they proactive about the work? Some companies don’t show up until there are at least two inches of snowfall. This is risky when it comes to ice-related incidents.
  • Communication. Was there communication before, during, and after the snow came? What is the right amount of communication for you? It makes a big difference for a business owner to know that something like snow removal is being taken care of. You don’t have time to be wondering about things like this.


Snow removal is not as easy as it might look. A lot of factors can create success or lead to failure. Communication, details, efficiency, and timeliness are the foundation of the right snow removal company for you. In Idaho Falls, you need a company that can handle any storm and any amount of snow. Whether you’ve got two inches, six inches, or ten inches of snow, you need to have peace of mind necessary to keep your family and business running smoothly. Spring Falls Landscaping makes this happen. Go here to schedule a free consultation. Do it now before the next storm hits.