How Pioneer Became an Audio Standard

Pioneer Audio has always been one of the greats when it comes to sound. With their deep bass and excellent sound quality. Although, their perfected sound didn’t happen overnight. The founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, spent many years creating what Pioneer is today. He went from creating speakers in his garage to forging his company into becoming one of the biggest car audio brands in the world.

History of Pioneer

First, we need to run through a quick history of Pioneer’s car system developments and major changes the company has undergone. The history of Pioneer dates all the way back to 1937. This is when Nozomu Matsumoto developed the A-8 Dynamic Speaker. Although in June of 1961 is when the company was named “Pioneer Electric Corporation.” The following year is when the first ever separate stereo system was invented. In November 1975, Pioneer Audio developed the first car stereo. This is the component that goes on the front of the car to control all of the speakers. Pioneer first introduced the whole stereo system that we all know and love today. 

Jumping ahead a few years to October 1984, Pioneer first introduced the car CD player. Now people can bring along their CD’s, instead of listening to the radio. Sadly in 1988, Nozomu Matsumoto passed away, his son, Seiya Matsumoto took over as the President of the company (1982). 1993 is when Pioneer first introduced its United States division. Now that GPS was starting to take off, Pioneer introduced the world to the first CD based navigation system in June of 1997. And in 2001 the first hard drive navigation system was released. Since then, Pioneer has been manufacturing one of the best car audio sound systems on the market. 

Everything Car Audio

Pioneer offers anything and everything car audio. This includes:

  1. DVD Receivers
  2. CD Receivers
  3. Speakers
  4. Subwoofers
  5. Amplifiers

Most DVD receivers are built-in with a bigger display screen, while the CD players are a little smaller. The DVD players have the capability to play movies, while the CD players don’t need the bigger screen for movies. Pioneer Dealers in Idaho Falls offer both of these. What better than to pair Pioneer DVD/CD receiver than with Pioneer Speakers. Pioneer is highly rated in the world of car audio, offering many different tiers of audio systems. From the Z-Series to the Pro series. Pioneer offers subwoofers as well, ranging from compact woofers to dual 12” systems that will definitely turn heads. With a good sound system comes an amplifier, this will allow the power output to be enough to power the speakers and subwoofers. Combing all of these together will make your car’s audio sound system one of the best it can be.

Upgrade Your System Today!

Pioneer Electronics has forged themselves into the standard for car audio, from their biggest subwoofers to the stereo that controls it all. Find your nearest Pioneer dealer and give your vehicle a sound system upgrade! And since the brand dates all the way back to 1937, you could say they are the “Pioneers” of car audio technology.