How Do Germs Spread? A Gross A** Story

Lately we’ve all been hearing about washing our hands, not touching our faces, and pushing doors with your feet or pulling them with a metal door opener. But why do we need to do these things? 

Well, I’m sure we’ve all been told as a kid that germs spread through many different ways. They weren’t feeding you lies just so you didn’t get your grubby hands everywhere. Germs can spread through just about any phase of matter. And they can get into you and make you sick in pretty much any place on the outside of your body that has direct access to the inside of your body. 

That’s why it’s so important to sneeze into your elbow or cough into a tissue.

A Gross Story

Germs make their rounds. So let’s say you just got over a cold and a day or 2 later you sneeze into your hand, oops, it happens. You mean to go wash your hands, but get distracted by a phone call. So you go around all day touching door handles. Your co-worker comes in and touches your door handle, then has an itch on her nose, boom, now your sneeze germs are in her nose hole. Gross right? 

A few days later she calls in sick right before a big presentation because you contaminated her with your sneeze germs. 

We get it, we all make mistakes, sneezing into our hand on accident, or blowing one of those gross snot bubbles that babies make. But you’re not a baby, you’re a grown adult who forgot to buy tissues, so you use your shirt instead. 

A Gross Fact

You may make one gross mistake a day, not a big deal right? Well, imagine every person in your 30 employee company making 1 mistake a day. Kinda adds up doesn’t it? Especially that one guy in our company that we all know of. He probably makes 4-5 mistakes a day. You know who I’m talking about. (if you don’t, it’s you).


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C’mon Writer, Get Back To The Point. Okay Okay!

How do germs spread? Well, as stated before, in many ways. The most common is touching an infected surface then touching your face holes. You can solve this in a few ways, the easy way is by scratching your face with the back of your hand, or knuckle. It’s not a foolproof method, but usually we use our finger to grab things, not our knuckles. So try to make a habit of itching your face with your knuckles. But the best way is washing your hands. After coming back from lunch, make sure you wash your hands before sitting down at your desk. Or from the case earlier, make an effort to wash your hands after accidentally sneezing into your hand.

Another way that germs spread is by food. There’s not much you can do on the receiving end, but as the person preparing the food; ALWAYS wash your hands more often than you think. It may just prevent, oh idk, a few HUNDRED people from getting sick. 

Germs can also spread from other living beings to others, such as sneezing, breathing, or touching. Most often it is humans, that’s why we are all wearing masks. Because even breathing on someone could infect them. 

Although another way is by touching dogs and/or cats. Dogs and cats are just built different! They can have bacteria and germs in and on them that humans cannot. That’s why your dog can drink rainwater from a dirty puddle and not feel a thing. If you got down there and drank it, you would have “mud butt” for 2 days. 

If You’re Scrolling to the Bottom for the Point of the Blog. Stop Now, It’s Here.

The moral of the story is to be cautious and courteous about your germs. Be cautious about the things you are touching and wash your hands often. 

But also be courteous about how you spread your germs, sneeze into your elbow and wear a mask when possible. 

But at the end of the day we all make mistakes. So keep your office the cleanest it can be by hiring a janitorial cleaner. A solid choice in Idaho Falls, ID is Moonshine Commercial Cleaning.