Having the Home Security that You Need in Jackson Hole

Why are Home Security Systems ImHaving the Home Security that You Need in Jackson Holeportant?

Home security systems have been around for a while. If you have ever been around Jackson Hole, you will notice that many people have security systems. Jackson home security is an important part of everyday life that can protect what you hold valuable. The importance of a quality Jackson home security system cannot be overstated. 4Sight Security knows why home securities are so important and want to help you protect your home.

Looking at some of the reasons why you would need a home security system will clarify their importance. 23 Alarming Burglary Statistics discusses some things that should cause your concern, such as:

  • Burglaries are occurring every 15 seconds
  • Burglaries will usually occur in the middle of the day when you are not at home. 
  • On average they will take a few thousand dollars worth of items
  • In 2012, there were 2.1 million break-ins reported by the FBI. In seven years, this number has increased. 
Home Burglary

These are all things that should cause concern for any homeowner. Burglaries are of course a concern when no one is at home. However, sometimes you may have kids or grandchildren at home. A Jackson home security system can provide peace of mind that you cannot find anywhere else. Knowing that your home is being protected and that you can see what is going on at your home without being there is comforting. 

Those seeking to cause property damage through vandalism or burglary will be more likely to pass by your house if they know you have a Jackson home security system. It truly acts as a deterrent and studies have shown that burglars are less likely to burglarize a house if it has a security system. Burglars want a house that offers ease of access and a place that they are least likely to get caught. If they see that the house has no security and the neighbors have no security, they will be more likely to commit burglary. 

Jackson home security systems will offer everything to deter even the slyest of all burglars. To a burglar, a Jackson home security system means there is a chance that they can be caught, which is usually a chance that they will not take. Security and protection alone is an important reason to have a Jackson home security system. 

Importance of Home Security in Jackson, Wyoming

Depending on the system that you install, you may have options to view your house through your mobile devices. This means that wherever you may be you can check your house. In addition to checking cameras at your house. You may also be able to maintain your house by using your security system to operate your thermostat, locks, garage doors, and lights. 

Also, a lot of security systems are coming with connections to Amazon’s Alexa and Google. Being able to maintain all of these things while not home, is important. You can close your garage to keep people out or even turn a light on every night through your phone to prevent burglary. Security systems may also decrease your home insurance. If your insurance company provides these breaks, they will most likely do it because with a security system there is a smaller likelihood of you having a claim. Overall, having a Jackson security system will provide protection, deterrence, and it can save you money by paying smaller monthly insurance payments. If you want all of these things in your life, contact us. 

What Does Jackson Home Security Entail?

So you have decided that you want a Jackson home security system. Before you dive too far into this, you should know what some of your options are for a home security system. There are many ways you can protect your home. You can have a very basic system or a system that you can regulate all from your mobile device. 4Sight Security uses only the highest quality systems in your house. Some of these brands are Hikvision, Honeywell, and 2GIG Systems. 

All of the systems will have motion sensors, that are immune to pet movement, and smoke and heat detectors. Not only will these systems protect your house from the lurking intruders, but they will also notify you as to the well-being of the home, such as fire or whether the heater is running. 

Mobile Monitoring

mobile monitoring

You can get the indoor/outdoor surveillance package which will allow you to keep an eye on the outside of your house and also know what is going on inside. All systems can be connected to any of your mobile devices. So when you are halfway around the world, you can check your home, inside and out, in Jackson, Wyoming. These video cameras are strategically placed outside to give you a full view of your house and property. While inside they can be placed so that you can see the areas that you want to see. The mobile monitoring package is a necessity if you want to keep an eye on your house throughout the day. It is a great way to check on your kids coming home from school or your housekeeper. It can also be a great way to find out the identity of people who are trying to break into your residence.

Home Automation and Light Controlling

You can have a smart home that can be controlled by your mobile device. This means that you can turn lights on and off from miles away. If you have ever left your garage door open, then you are not alone. With this system, you can check to see if the garage doors are open and easily close them, instead of running home and closing the doors. Just this option alone can save you time and give you peace of mind. You should not have to worry about things like a garage door anymore. In addition to your Jackson home security, you can include home automation. 

Smart Home Automation

Other things that come with home automation is being able to control appliances, heating and cooling, and entertainment. This means that you can play music that will directly connect with the house. You may also be out on a cold night and want to turn up the heat in your house so it is warm when you get home. It is as easy as turning the heat up on your phone. Then you will be welcomed into a warm comfortable house. Technology has truly changed the way that we live. It has made being away from your home convenient and safe. 4Sight Security has the expertise to install home automation and light control. With a little time, you will be running your home’s technology completely from your mobile device. 

Jackson home security is important in the day that we live. More often people are finding their houses burglarized or burned because they did not have a home security system. Not only do these systems provide safety for millions of people, but they also allow you to live more comfortably. This comfort comes in two forms, peace of mind and leisure. You will be able to know that your house is protected and that you can control everything in your house from your mobile device. Choose to live comfortably now by giving us a call.