Idaho Falls Family And Pediatric Dentistry: Growing Up With A Great Smile

As parents and caregivers are aware, young children do really well with familiarity and routine. If a child can recognize when someone is kind to them and is helping them, they respond in turn by having less fear and looking forward to future interactions. This insight is particularly valuable when a parent or caregiver begins the twice-yearly event of visiting the dentist. A good pediatric and family dentist in Idaho Falls can begin and then foster a good relationship with a child that can last into young adulthood and beyond, helping to minimize fears and maximize healthy smiles.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls

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To begin with, what is a pediatric dentist? Simply, a dentist who specializes in dentistry for infants through teenagers. A pediatric dentist has specific training for a few more years after the initial 4 years of dental school to become a dentist. This extra training and the school prepares the pediatric dentist to care specifically for very young children’s dental needs. Pediatric dentists in Idaho Falls also typically limit their practice to only treating children and teenagers. Their offices are specifically outfitted for youths and children. Because adults and children have different dental issues, pediatric dentistry is less focused on things like bleaching and veneers and crowns, and more focused on preventative care, teaching children healthy habits to carry forward, treating cavities, and other problems children commonly have with their teeth.

Common Issues a Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls Can Treat

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Pediatric dentists like to start seeing children as soon as they get their first teeth, so as soon as your baby has a tooth break through their gums, you should begin to visit the dentist. Not much will happen at these first few visits. The pediatric dentist will give the child an exam of the mouth, note how the teeth are growing in, consult with the parents or caregivers about early dental care and possibly about diet-related ideas. The pediatric dentist will also answer any questions you may have about your developing child’s oral health. When children are a bit older, they will get instruction from the pediatric dentist on proper brushing techniques and perhaps begin to receive yearly dental x-rays, which are a valuable record to have of growth and health of the teeth throughout the years. The pediatric dentist will also be able to monitor how the teeth are growing and watch “bite” to let parents and caregivers know if any early orthodontics should be recommended, as early intervention and treatment is sometimes ideal for kids when they are younger, rather than when they are older. Other Idaho Falls pediatric dental services can include:

If a child is taken to the pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls regularly, a relationship can and should form to where the child feels safe and comfortable at the pediatric dental office. When this happens, the child sees the dentist as a positive place to be and this can set the tone for the rest of the child’s life of dental care. This can lead to better oral health care and fewer problems and fear of the dentist in the future for the child. Pediatric dentists can continue to see the child from infancy through young adulthood. This is a priceless relationship! Pediatric dentists know that children are different from adults, they get restless and easily distracted, they may be afraid of the dentist office without knowing why they don’t always understand exactly what happens at the dentist. Pediatric dentists in Idaho Falls have been trained to recognize all of these issues, and more, and then properly deal with them.

Family Dentistry in Idaho Falls: Care for the Whole Family

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A family dentist is different from a pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls for numerous reasons. To start with, they do not limit their practice to only children and youth. They treat children and adults. Their offices are equipped to treat many different kinds of patients and for more issues, as adult oral care issues are often different from children’s dental care needs. Most family care practices can see kids from ages 3 and older. Smaller kids will probably do better at a pediatric dentist, to begin with, but young children can be effectively treated at a family dentist as well. If you have one or more children, a family dentist may be a good idea after your children have a few years at a pediatric dentist. If you see a dentist regularly (and you should!) a family dentist who cares for everyone in your family can save you time and stress by being able to schedule everyone’s appointments together and having all family members records at the same office. This will keep the family from having to visit more than one office or dentist during the year. The sooner children begin to see the family dentist, the better their relationship with the family dentist will be. If they are already comfortable at the dentist’s office due to being seen by a pediatric dentist from an early age, they will adjust better to the family dentist. Family dentists can not only treat children with the previously mentioned services but also perform many other services for teens and adults as well to include:

Having all of your family’s care done at the same office can streamline and coordinate your care for quality and efficiency.

Idaho Falls Pediatric and Family Dentistry: A Summary of Dental Care

In summary, a pediatric dentist cares for youth and children, from infancy through young adulthood. The care is specialized and focused on the common issues that kids and teens have with their teeth. A good relationship between a child and their attitude towards the dentist can begin here with good pediatric dentistry. If the parents or caregivers find it easier to simplify by going to the same dentist, a family dentistry office is a great choice as they are trained, staffed, and equipped to treat adults, youths, and children all in one location. This keeps all the records, billing, and payments in and to one office for efficiency and ease. If you live near Idaho Falls, Comfort Care Dental is family dentistry that can do it all for your family.