Bedroom Layout Ideas For Rectangular Rooms

Every home is unique. But one thing that most have in common is that bedrooms are designed in a rectangular shape. This layout allows you to be creative in the way you arrange your bedroom furniture. Of course, the main part of this will be your bed. It can be tough for some people to come up with a lot of different arrangements on their own. Don’t worry! Here are some tips to help with your bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms.

Furniture Sizes

One thing you will want to avoid is taking up all of your space with large pieces of furniture. Especially if you have a small bedroom. Use a mix of large and smaller pieces of furniture. This can help the room have a nice balance. Sometimes it is just the way things look that matters.

Create Sections

You can make your room appear more spacious by creating some defined sections in the room. One corner can be designed for working. Set up a desk and bookshelf. Use another section of the room for something else. Maybe a place to relax with a comfortable place to sit. Whatever you decide to do with it, defined areas are a great way to do.

Angles Matter

When you need bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms, don’t forget about the angles. Choosing pieces of furniture that will fit at an angle can make for an attractive look. Break up the long lines of the bedroom. That is the key to taking advantage of this idea.

Use The Floor Space

Not everything has to be on the floor. That’s what your walls are for right? A wall of floating shelves can save you quite a bit of floor space. They also look great when used for decorating or displaying your photos, trophies, and momentoes. Bonus tip — make sure those shelves are high enough off the ground so they don’t interfere with your sitting space.

The Longest Wall Gets The Bed

The bed should not go against a wall that shares a door or closet. It will work much better on the longest wall in the room. This creates the impression that the interior flows naturally.

See The Light

Another thing that you should try to do is making use of the light. Using mirrors and bright colors will really give the room a lot more interest.

Chest Bed Bedroom Layout Ideas For Rectangular Rooms

Arranging Your Furniture

When you are looking at bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms, one major factor will be the size of the room you are dealing with. Different room sizes will have different options for arranging your furniture. Here’s a look at some tips for arranging your furniture in different room sizes.

A Small And Narrow Room

If your bedroom is just big enough for the bed and not much else, you’ll need to employ some tips to make the most use of the space you do have. First, place the bed up against at least one wall so you don’t have any wasted space between the wall and bed. This is not ideal — especially when it comes to making your bed. But, it should help you have space for the other items you need to have in your room.

When it comes to choosing your bed, you’ll do well to choose something that has storage space built into it. You may also want to use a clothing rack if the closet isn’t quite big enough.

A Full-size Master Bedroom

Here’s a classic bedroom layout idea for a rectangular room that you’ll use in the master bedroom. The layout is designed around the bed. Place matching bedside tables on either side of the bed. Throw in a couple of lamps if you wish and use a large rug to anchor that space.

When choosing your bed, you should have plenty of options for a bedroom layout idea for a rectangular master bedroom. This is because space will likely allow for a queen or even king size bed. It is also a great opportunity to take the room to the next level with something like these beautiful cabinets.

An Extra-Long Master Suite

A long and narrow room tends to have the bed placed at one end. Want to try something different? Center your bed on the long wall. Depending on how big the room is that you need bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms is, you might be wanting to find ways to fill the space naturally. A couple of ways that you can try to do this include using large dressers and chests for your storage and large rugs on the floor.

If you have this large bedroom layout to use, why not take advantage of it by adding a queen or king-sized bed to the room? And if you’ve got one of those awesome walk-in closets, you’ll have extra space with something that is comfortable or that you’ll really love. Consider all of the options when you are looking at bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms that are large enough to be a master bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Design

Modern bedroom design is something that may come into play when you are searching for bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms. Proper use of modern bedroom design can go a long way toward making an impressive home — just like a Murphy Bed does. Everything related to your bedroom — from the modern bedroom design to your bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms — is a big deal because of the amount of time that you are probably spending in your bedroom.

This article about modern bedroom design provides a lot of insight that may be helpful for coming up with bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms and taking care of those rooms after the layout has been completed. Here are a few snippets from that to get you started.

  • Sleep is important — We have all heard this before. And there are still new sleep studies coming out all the time. Do you want to get good sleep? Part of your bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms needs to be a good, quality bed.
  • The mattress is important — Another important consideration for getting good sleep is the mattress you are on. A good mattress will help you get that important rest that your body needs. A bad mattress makes for bad sleep which makes for a bad life.
  • Care for your bed is important — The Ultimate Bed Care Guide tells you everything you need to know about maintaining a good, clean bed that will provide years and years of good sleep.

It’s Up To You

A google search for bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms will give you all sorts of ideas and suggestions. Remember, that’s all they are — suggestions. Each home and situation is different. Feel free to experiment to find something that works for you and your bedroom layout. Good Luck!