First Fidelity Reserve: Lawsuits And How To Avoid Them

First Fidelity Reserve wants you to understand what to do if your precious metals business is facing a lawsuit. Just because of the simple fact that you own or operate a gold and silver bullion retail business, your business is always going to be in the crosshairs of unscrupulous lawyers and scammers. Being prepared for a lawsuit will help your business successfully navigate these waters and hopefully allow your business to emerge unscathed.

When facing a lawsuit, First Fidelity Reserve recommends hiring and retaining a knowledgeable and skilled business attorney. Do not hire a lawyer who practices multiple areas of law, such as family, criminal, or patent law. A lawyer who specializes only in business law will have the experience you need when litigation begins. Always ask to see your lawyer’s credentials and seek out reviews of your lawyer.

Avoiding A Lawsuit In The First Place

In order to avoid a lawsuit, First Fidelity Reserve recommends you do the following:

  1. Always keep records of all transactions – by doing so, your business will have evidence that could help it with a favorable outcome in court.
  2. Always be transparent – all of your business dealings should be clearly open and without confusion. False advertising accusations, if proven correct, are difficult to defend. Always provide clear and easy to understand terms and conditions, return and refund policies, and disclose all additional fees that your business may collect. It should go without saying, but, don’t scam people.
  3. Always offer great customer service – being friendly, honest, and open will help your business establish regular customers and friendships. These associations can be counted on as character witnesses in your defense should your gold and silver bullion business ever get sued.
  4. Follow all federal, state, and local laws – by knowingly, or unknowingly, violating anti-discrimination and equal employment laws, you set your business up for a lawsuit.

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