Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know About Call Center Headsets

Through modern technology, new inventions have been made for people to have at their disposal. This can make many lives a lot easier and convenient. What the people have now, generations before them might not have had. For example, the telephone is a modern invention that continues to evolve and change, and it’s something people have learned and gained to rely on. The telephone has gone from dials, to cords, to bulk, and finally to wireless and small enough to fit in the modern pocket. Most people in this day and age use telephones in everything they do, in their personal lives and in their workspaces and it has become a big part of many peoples lives. As times go on to change more and more workplaces are adding modern equipment into their workspaces, which is amazing as society evolves and changes consistently. 

While there are still a lot of workspaces and people that prefer to have electronic free zones, there are some where their work depends on it, and the changes it brings with those changes. For example, Call Centers are one workspace that depends on their cell phones and all the equipment that comes with it. 

Call Centers first became a big thing in the 1960’s even though telephones have been around since the early 1900’s, and were first invented as a way to sell insurance over the phone by Peter Woods. He brought a new and exciting way to sell products like insurance over the phone. Call centers would sell products like insurance over the phone making this a new and blooming career for many people. Desk phones and landlines were very popular in this course of work but later made the addition of headsets as a main source of communication for potential clients. There isn’t a set date in history when headsets became a popular workplace item but headphones and headsets were first invented in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. The use of headsets in call center workplaces provided the convenience of being able to talk on the phone with clients while having the ability to type or write when you need to make the whole transaction faster and easier. 

Types Of Different Headsets

Like phones, headsets have evolved as the times have changed and with better headsets, better work equipment in call centers are provided. Knowing what equipment would be best to run a successful and profitable call center is of the utmost importance because the proper equipment can change the impact on how many sales are brought in and the impact of how well a business can do. Here are a few things that may be vital for a call center to have:

Desktops – Call centers use specialized technology rather than older software for handling all the calling needs and any customer information. Even if most workplaces use the advanced calling technology, each agent should be properly equipped with a personal desktop or laptop for managing operations, any data storage and the customer references, and it’s important to have these even if everything is stored on the cloud.

USB Headsets – Like non-modern technology, most traditional phone receivers aren’t going to be the best choice for most call centers today. Instead of using older phone receivers provide workplace employees with individual USB headsets so that calls can be more convenient and comfortable when working and while providing the proper customer service and marketing. Many headsets come equipped with a comfortable listening piece(s), as well as a hands free microphone to use with a higher level of convenience. 

Data Handler – Instead of using up call center office space with a lot of unnecessary amounts of hardware for data storage, invest in a data handler system that can organize your pertinent data while organizing it in a streamlined and convenient way. Data handlers can arrange information in various levels, while having an easy way to access whatever data that’s needed, and whenever it’s needed. 

Call Recording Software – For quality purposes, many companies and workplaces record their calls to provide an accurate transcript and give the best quality services. This software can either record calls and provide an option to listen to the calls at a later time or this software can allow the real-time progress of a call to be monitored, and it’s important for long-term evaluation and improvement for call centers to improve and evaluate how well sales and call intake are doing.  For example, the call recording software parrot is a great platform that can provide these various functions. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol – If you’re looking for a more modern alternative to traditional phone lines, voice over internet protocol abbreviated as “VoIP” is a communication system where calls can be made over a strong internet connection instead of over a telephone. Voice Over Internet Protocol can also be used with a call recording software for a more convenient use and quality of call monitoring. A great dialer program called Parrot can do these functions as well as ZoomCalls VOIP software.

Predictive Dialer – Another great thing about the great world of evolving and modern technology is the predictive dialer which is always a call agent to maintain multiple calls at once with a higher function. A predictive dialer is a calling system that automatically dials from a various list of multiple telephone numbers. Similar to other types of autodialers, predictive dialers can call numbers instantly which can help and save agents time while screening for busy signals, voicemails, any no-answers and even disconnected numbers that are no longer in use. This software saves agents time and can help them manage more calls and sales.

Call Center Headsets overall can make services in this industry more convenient and offer agents the resources to make more sales and connections with potential customers. Some of the best headsets are made available to call center agents so that agents and customers/potential customers can have the best call experience without the hassle of unqualified headsets. Here are some of the best headsets on the market currently:

  • Mpow 071
  • Sennheiser SC60
  • Jabra UC Voice 550
  • Jabra Evolve 40 Mono
  • Sennheiser CC 550 IP
  • Jabra Biz 2400 II
  • Logitech H800
  • Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  • Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825 Headset
  • Jabra Pro 930 Mono
  • Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML
  • Sennheiser OfficeRunner

No matter what headset is decided on, proper headset equipment for call centers and their agents is highly important as it can improve sales and the overall experience which can be vital especially for new businesses and call centers. Make sure to do plenty of research on the best call center headsets for whatever your call center is needing so that it fits the proper role the company is looking for.