Everything You Need To Know About Chest Beds

Comfort vs. Functionality

When it comes to your home it’s important to consider comfort and functionality. However, when you have less space, you need to start getting a little creative. This is the way to make sure you can have all the things you want without wrecking the atmosphere of your home. You don’t want a chest of drawers in your kitchen. A couch would feel a little out of place in the bedroom. A piece of misplaced furniture can really mess things up.

Guest Beds

One functional item most people enjoy having in their home is a guest bed. My wife and I are living in a one-bedroom apartment and we still have to put up our folks when they come to visit on holidays. We like being able to put them up for the night without anyone having to worry about sleeping on the couch or the floor. However, with only one bedroom, this becomes impossible.

Introducing Chest Beds

The main issue is that beds take up a lot of space. When you don’t have a large home this can make things tricky. A bed in your living room or office just isn’t the most convenient setup. Air mattresses are nice but then you have to dig them out of storage and they take a bunch of time to inflate and deflate. That can become rather cumbersome. In order to help you maintain the kind of atmosphere you are looking for in your home, let me introduce to you these Chest Beds!

What Is A Chest Bed?

Having one Chest Bed will help you effortlessly transform your living room or office into a bedroom in under a minute! These Chests Beds are designed for function and style. You can easily unfold these chests into full-sized beds! No more looking for that air mattress or having to deal with a bed in a room it doesn’t belong in! These beds are removable and functional! The top of the Chest Bed doesn’t move and serves as a tabletop overhead. This makes it so you’ll never have to remove any decorations or items while transitioning back and forth between the chest and the bed. Most of these Chests Beds also have a drawer near the bottom which can be used for additional storage. This feature is available on both the chest and the bed. It’s a fantastic place to keep the pillows and blankets while in chest form.

You Can Put Chest Beds Anywhere

One great thing about these Chest Beds is their ability to “fit in” with various rooms in your home. You could put a Chest Bed anywhere. You could put it in your living room, bedroom, dining room or even in your bathroom if it’s spacious enough. This flexibility allows you to hide the bed in plain sight wherever it works best for you! Then, the moment you have an unexpected guest you can move it to the room of choice and create a bedroom in no time that’s actually comfortable!

Chest Beds Are Made To Last

These beds are made with great care and have a quality to them that is rare. Innovative and durable, there is little reason to pass up on one of these fantastic beds. They are made from strong solid wood. The top Chest Bed supplier, Wilding Wallbeds, offers four styles — the Clover, Poppy, Sagebrush, and Cube made of solid wood and furniture grade plywood. Many other companies resort to particleboard and cheap materials.

Cabinet Murphy Bed With Mattress

Comfort Is Vital

Not all Chest Beds are the same, but you’ll certainly be able to find one that fits the feel of your particular home. Each Chest Bed comes with a comfortable mattress like the 6” gel-infused memory foam mattress (designed with comfort and durability in mind). If you had issues with sleeping for too long before, it just might get worse once you get to experience the luxury of a Chest Bed!

Final Thoughts

Still unsure if the Chest Bed is the bed for you? Do you still have questions about them? Feel to contact a Chest Bed company and they’ll be glad to help you out. A bed is a personal thing and it should be exactly what you need for the best sleep experience.