Escape the Winter Blues in Calaveras County California

If you are from one of the colder areas during the winter season, you may want to consider traveling somewhere warm for a winter getaway! Getting out of the snow and cold weather can be beneficial for your mental and physical health. Not to mention taking a vacation, in general, is good for you. When thinking of places to go, Calaveras County in California is a great place for a winter vacation for many reasons.

Winter Weather in California

The average temperatures for the New Melones Lake Marina area in the months of November through April range from highs of 55-78(°F) and lows of 33-42(°F). Precipitation is most common during these months. Even though the temperatures are lower than the normal Summer high of 133(°F), they are still cozy temperatures compared to harsh winters up North. Get away from the cold and take a break, relax, and enjoy yourself during the winter season in California.

Things to do in the Calaveras County Area

Moaning Caverns

inside of moaning caverns with spiral staircase

A great place to take the family is the Moaning Caverns in Calaveras County. Moaning Caverns is home to the largest single cave chamber in California. Open year-round they have a myriad of activity options. Try your hand at panning and try and find some gold, or take a cruise on the zipline tour. With two different tour options, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Spiral Tour leads you down 165 feet giving you views of the marble deposits of the Calaveras Formation taking you into smaller passageways to explore. Visitors can then walk the wooden staircase of the main chamber 65 feet underground. For those true thrill-seekers, you can then choose to descend down a ten-story spiral staircase to the base of the chamber.

The Expedition Tour is for those true to heart adventure seekers. Most of this tour is undeveloped and adventurers will wear a lighted helmet to show them the way. Explore the caverns by climbing and crawling your way through!


California is in no way short of wine. There are many different vineyards available to the public for tours and tastings. What better way to spend the winter season than tasting wines with your friends and loved ones? Some available vineyards in the Calaveras County area include:

friends drinking wine
  • Ironstone Vineyards Check out the tasting room and grab some grub at the Gold Leaf Deli. Wander the Heritage Museum (home of a 44-pound crystalline gold piece), jewelry shop, amphitheater, and gardens.
  • Twisted Oak Winery – For a unique experience, visit this family-owned winery. With wines called The Spaniard, River of Skulls, and Pottymouth, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to check out the gift shop and the Rubber Chicken National Forest!
  • Irish Vineyards Winery – This winery has premier wines and public tours on Saturday. Wander the picnic area and enjoy a fire in the provided fire pits.

Activities at New Melones Lake Marina

During the winter season, the marina is still open for your use! Don’t miss out on this great vacation spot and take advantage of their offseason. Call ahead to see about their current specials.

A Roof Over One’s Head

A few of the surrounding campgrounds are closed for the season for mandatory maintenance and preservation. However, New Melones Lake Marina has amazing new cabins coming soon that would be perfect for the winter season. The 8-person cabins come equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, sleeping and seating areas. 

Another option for a sleeping situation would be to take advantage of a houseboat rental. With a houseboat, you will be able to stay out on the lake and enjoy it all day long, literally. The houseboats come equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, seating areas, and sleeping areas! Not to mention most come with a slide to glide you right into a great time.

 Boat Rentals

speedboat with surfer

If you are one of the lucky ducks who already own a boat, then sit back and relax. However, if you don’t own a boat you don’t need to miss out on a day at the lake! New Melones Lake Marina has several different boat options for you to rent. All the way from a 14’ fishing boat, to speedboats, and on up to party cruisers, we have the perfect boat for you.

Water Toy Rentals

To fully optimize your lake day experience, you must check out the water toy rentals. Try your hand at one (or all!) to make your day that much more of an adventure. New Melones Lake Marina offers the following toys for rental options:

  • Wake Boards
  • Wake Surf Boards
  • Tubes
  • Kneeboards
  • Water Skiis

Don’t miss out on your winter escape! Call ahead and schedule your adventure today!