Effective Ways to Boost Leadership Skills in Children

Helping children develop leadership skills is a phenomenal way to prepare them for success in adult life. Children with good leadership skills have the confidence and drive they’ll need to reach their career goals with confidence.

Being a leader is about more than moving up in the workplace, however. Kids who can lead are also less likely to get pressured into unwise choices, less vulnerable to bullying or abuse, and are more likely to stand up for others in need. Know All The Things shares some resources that can inspire you to build up leadership skills in the children in your life.

Being a Good Example 

Children learn from what they see. 

  • Practice setting and respecting boundaries in the home. 
  • Consider earning a bachelor’s degree in education to show children that learning is a continuous pursuit. 
  • Be open with children about challenging or difficult feelings and what healthy coping skills you use to manage them. 

Encourage Healthy Risk-Taking 

The chance to fail paves the way toward success. 

  • Avoid hovering or being overprotective — children need to know you trust them. 
  • Encourage your child to take a skill-based risk, such as trying out for a school play or going for a club leadership role. 
  • Help them learn how to process failure in a healthy, productive way. Remind them it’s a natural part of life and doesn’t reflect on the core of their being. 

Give Productive Praise 

Not all compliments are alike when it comes to fostering self-worth: 

  • Avoid giving compliments that suggest intrinsic traits, such as “you’re so smart.” 
  • Instead, praise the effort that led to their success or the progress they’ve made since they started. 
  • This promotes a growth mindset and also helps avoid burnout, anxiety, and poor self-confidence later in life. 

Children thrive when they have a support network of trust, safety, and good examples. We hope these resources help you come up with ways to help the children in your life unlock confidence and grow into natural leaders. 

Photo Credit: Pexels