Easy Christmas Recipes to Make on Your Outdoor Grill in Orlando

For many of the people around the country this festive time of year, grilling has been set aside to avoid being caught up outside in the cold and sometimes unpleasant snowy winter season. Because of the harsh and even sometimes unpredictable winter snow storms, most of the home cooking is done from inside the warmth and comfort of many kitchens this year for Christmas.

Luckily enough for you, snow will not be there to stop you from grilling outdoors in Orlando when it finally comes time to begin planning and even preparing for all of your upcoming Christmas dinner plans. Whether or not you are just looking to throw a nice holiday get together with some of your friends and family, or you are just wanting to have a simple but very tasty Christmas dinner with those that are closest to you, using your outdoor grill in Orlando is the way to start making all of your dinner plans this year. These delicious and easy to make recipes for your outdoor grill in Orlando below are quick and easy to make, no matter your skill level. These delicious foods and drink will have everyone you are celebrating this holiday season with asking for seconds, maybe even thirds!

Orlando Outdoor Grill Appetizers

If you are planning on throwing a Christmas party this year, some appetizers grilled up in your outside kitchen in Orlando will definitely be a must have. Here are a couple of easy recipes to get you started.

  • Skillet Bacon-Cheddar Potato Dip – This skillet bacon-cheddar recipe will make about 24 servings total. This dip is great when paired with chips, celery sticks, and carrots, or anything else that you can think of to dip will also taste amazing.
  • Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – The amount of ingredients that you will need to make this quick and delicious bacon wrapped asparagus snack depends on exactly how many you are looking to make for you and everyone else that wants some. This will make it easy to either double up on this recipe or even make a little bit less than the recipe calls for depending on your holiday plans, this means that it will also be very easy to whip up in seconds for you or anyone that asks you to!

Orlando Outdoor Grill Mains

There is no reason to not make some use of your outdoor grill in Orlando this season to make a delicious main course that will impress both yourself and everyone else that is going to be eating and enjoying it with you. No one can deny that a delicious glazed ham is perfect for a Christmas dinner, and you can never go wrong with a flavourful and easy to make roast beef. Here are two recipes that are bound to make your Christmas dinner a tasty one:

  • Grilled Apple Butter Bourbon Ham – This is the perfect glazed holiday ham for you to serve for your Christmas dinner this year. This recipe will serve about 8 to 10 people, and any of the ham that you don’t end up using right away will be perfect for you to have for leftovers.
  • Grilled Roast Beef – This grilled roast beef recipe will serve just about 6 people. To make sure your grilled roast beef will taste as flavourful as you can make it, you may want to give yourself a few days to start prepping and marinating the beef you are going to cook.

Orlando Outdoor Grill Sides

When it comes to having a nice and filling family dinner, sides are a must have to fill up the empty spots on your plate. Here are two easy recipes to make on your outside grill in Orlando!

  • Grilled Brussels Sprouts – This grilled brussels sprouts recipe will make enough to serve about 8 people. No matter your skill level, this recipe is quick and easy to grill up and will be a hit for anyone who likes brussels sprouts.
  • Veggie Skillet Biscuits – This veggie skillet biscuits recipe will make 9 biscuits. Just make sure to grill these with a cast iron skillet to really enhance the overall flavor of this dish.

Orlando Outdoor Grill Desserts

Nothing is better than being able to start up your outside grill in Orlando this Christmas to make up some quick and easy delicious desserts for you and all your guests. Here are two sweet and easy desserts that will be a hit if you make them.

  • Cast Iron Hot Gingerbread Cookie – This great tasting cast iron hot gingerbread cookie recipe will make about 4 or more servings depending on the slices you serve. Grilling up some pineapple is optional and so is adding your favourite type of ice cream on top of all of it, but both will make this Christmas treat even better than it already was.
  • 3 Ingredient Grilled Cobbler – This grilled cobbler recipe will serve about 8 to 10 people. This is a very simple, but delicious recipe that will take you under an hour to make. The great part about this recipe is that you can basically make it with almost any fruit you want, not just the classic peach filling.

Orlando Outdoor Grill Drinks

When it comes to making drinks, not many people think of using their outdoor grill in Orlando. Making these drinks on the grill is a fun way to impress your guests and make your delicious drinks in a different way. Here are some recipes best served hot for you to make up in your outdoor kitchen in Orlando this Christmas season.

  • Hot Buttered Rum – This quick and easy hot buttered rum recipe will serve about 4 to 6 people. Making this drink on your outdoor grill in Orlando will give you a great and very flavourful smokey taste that will have everyone asking you to make up just one more batch.
  • Smoked Apple Cider (Non Alcoholic) – This delicious smoked apple cider recipe will serve about 2 to 4 people. While many people think of apple cider as a fall classic, it is also a great drink for any of the cooler times of the year where all you need once you are inside is a nice and hot drink to help start warming you up. Although it may not be snowing or below freezing in Orlando, the temperatures outside have definitely dropped and this will definitely be the perfect drink to make in your outdoor kitchen and will keep you and your guests warm and happy with the great smoky taste.