Developing the Perfect Interactive Digital Design for Your Brand and Your Business

Today, it is more important than ever to develop an interactive digital design that is not only convenient and accessible for your customers, but attracts their attention and keeps them involved for longer periods of time. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways, and often it’s about riding that knife edge between style and function.

That is to say, your interactive digital design needs to simultaneously fulfill all of the functions required for your clients and customers to interact with your business while tapping into certain positive instincts at the same time.

Sure, you can rationally explain why one design is more efficient than another, or more cutting edge, or more innovative – but how does it make people feel? When they interact with it, do they get an immediate sense that it’s an interface they can trust to work consistently? Does it excite them? Does it make them want to keep exploring?

This is what the future of interactive digital design is all about, and while many are having a difficult time keeping up with the constantly changing and evolving digital marketing industry, there are plenty of companies that make it their career who can help you with your specific business and brand.

How the Right Interactive Design Can Help Your Business

The “right” interactive design is one that is the most appropriate for your business, your brand, and for what your customers and clients expect from the services or products that you have to offer. You want something that speaks to your target demographics, that’s going to appeal to them immediately. Not only that, but you want it to do so in a way that goes beyond “good enough”. When people interact with your digital design and find it to be immediately intuitive, easy to learn, powerful, and effective, they’re going to remember it and keep coming back. However, if you can combine those qualities with a sense of artistic beauty that excites the users and taps into something deeper than their intellect, they’ll be hooked for life.

With the perfect interactive digital design, not only will you be acquiring and securing customers and clients, your brand is going to become associated with a sense of trust, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, making you a strong competitor in your chosen market.

Creating the Perfect Interactive Design

Want to create the perfect interactive digital design for your website, point of sale system, or app? First thing’s first – you want to be able to condense a wide range of information you’re trying to provide to your customers and clients into a format that can be easily understood. You want a design that can be recognized immediately as intuitive and accessible. You want a clearly defined underlying structure where people can access what they need without getting sidetracked or confused. You want an interface that captures a user’s attention and makes them want to dig deeper and spend as much time browsing as possible.

All of this is accomplished through a combination of:

  • Easily comprehensible designs and layouts
  • Visuals that are attractive and engaging
  • Interaction methods that are consistent

It’s also a great idea, whenever possible, to make the information that you are presenting to your target audience customizable for each individual. That means your interactive digital interface should be something people can personalize for their own purposes, so that the level of intuitiveness and accessibility increases for them over time. This factor will increase user’s trust in your digital design in both the short and long term.

What Kinds of Interactive Digital Design Is Best for What You Have to Offer?

Deciding which is best for you depends on a number of factors, including what kinds of services or products you provide, your target demographics, and the scope of information you want to provide.

Here are some examples:


This tends to be the first way in which clients and customers are exposed to your company. Your website needs to be immediately recognizable as intuitive and appealing. That first impression is incredibly important, especially when it comes to digital marketing. The right website design will capture leads, increase your conversion rates, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Mobile Software System

App Development

Our mobile phones shouldn’t even be called phones anymore, more like mini computers with cell phone use as a side feature. And while mobile use is equalling and even exceeding desktop and laptop use in many domains of life, there are still some notable difference between the two, and businesses will benefit from mobile apps, interfaces, and websites that are designed for the ideal mobile user experience.

As browsing on a mobile phone is often less convenient than browsing on a laptop or desktop, mobile software systems need to be created in a way that takes into account the limited size of the screens, and to take full advantage of this on-screen space.

  • Tools and icons need to be as small as possible, while also being easy to recognize and use
  • Fields must be immediately identifiable
  • The interactive digital design should be versatile enough to be accessed on a wide variety of different screen sizes


This is either a screen or a series of screens with which people can interact to attain a range of information. Your dashboard(s) should be intuitive and accessible, while also exciting the user into wanting to interact as much as possible.

Stotion – The Leading Design Agency in Provo, UT

If you’re looking for a design agency that knows how to combine effective strategy with exciting and appealing designs, contact Stotion today to find out what they can do for your brand and your business. Their team knows how to create the perfect interactive digital design for you and for the customers that you want to attract.