Developing a Cleaning Routine for your Business

Developing a cleaning routine can be very important. We all have one for our homes you should develop one for your place of work. This can be an ongoing and daunting task, as it requires you and your co-workers to clean and maintain your office or space. That’s why most people hire Commercial Cleaners

If you aren’t quite ready for hiring an external company, this guide will help you develop a good strategy. 

First Step

The initial thing you need to do is walk through your business and write down all of the things that need to be cleaned, either now or in the future. After you have written all of those things down, ask yourself; How often do they need cleaning? For surfaces that are commonly interacted with (doorknobs, desktops, light switches, etc). Those should be cleaned at least twice a week (if not more). Both the kitchen and bathroom(s) should also be cleaned twice a week. 

Emptying trashcans is ultimately dependent on the day, your staff, and how many cans you have. The best practice is taking them out twice a week. But if you had a big company lunch, your staff generally produces more trash, or if you have few trashcans; you will have to take them out more often. 

For other surfaces such as carpets, they can be cleaned once a week. Although the heavy traffic areas (front door) should be vacuumed more often. If your office is in a place with snow, the rug in the front might need a touch up every other day. If you have customers or clients coming through your doors, make sure the front entrance is always clean. A dirty room can make a lasting impression on someone. 

Second Step

Alright, you’ve written down all areas that need cleaning and how often they need to be cleaned. What products do you need to clean all of this? Make a list of everything you will need, and associate each product or tool with the area that needs cleaning. Be sure to purchase these products and keep an inventory of the supplies and try to order again before they run out. 

When you’ve completed this, make a sheet that shows the order to clean and what to use for each area. If you will not be doing the cleaning, write out how you want it done and your standards. This may take some adjusting to make it as efficient and fast of a process as possible. 

Final Step

Lastly, start cleaning! The best method is having a set cleaning schedule (every Tuesday and Saturday, or whatever days work best that are spaced apart). Be sure to do it after hours so you can have free reign to clean and listen to your choice of music. One day can be a light cleaning; taking out the trashes, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. While the next cleaning day can be heavier; taking out trashes, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming or sweeping the floors, cleaning the windows, etc. 

This May Sound Like a Lot

We know this can be a lot to organize and keep up with, that’s why many companies outsource their commercial cleaning to businesses designed for this. Moonshine Commercial Cleaning keeps its standards high and will develop a plan to keep your business spic and span!