Custom Sign Shops in Stockton

Up until somewhere around 40 years ago custom sign shops were one of the most common sights in metropolitan areas. The demand for custom made signs was absolutely rampant, and small hand painted or printed signs were made for whatever the customers needs might be. In the 1970’s and 80’s, the ever increasing presence of computer assisted design led to the closure of most of these mom and pop shops. Leading to a new wave of mass produced, Carbon Copy signage.

The new sign industry can prove to a difficult one when in search of custom sign shops in Stockton. Custom signage has unfortunately fallen by the wayside amid modern industrialism. There are a few places where you can get the custom signage that you need in Stockton California. Here are just a couple where I have had the best experiences.

Capitol Traffic Services Sign Shop

First and foremost, your best bet for custom signage of any kind is to stop by Capitol Traffic Services in E Miner Ave. Not only do they keep in stock a full supply of prefab signage, but they have all barricades, and construction equipment that you may need for almost any project. Furthermore their sign shop is full service, providing everything from traffic signs, and ADA Signs, to Stencils and Banners.

Equipped with a CNC Router, and a Full color professional digital printing service. There is no project they cannot tackle. If you only have a temporary need for signage, they also offer quality rental services for all that they carry in house. Going even further, they are willing to work with you and any necessary government agency to obtain the proper permitting and approve any plans you may need for traffic control. They are simply here to make sure you get your project done as painlessly as possible.

Local Pinstripers

Sign Shops

Though the local hand painted sign shops have been completely wiped out, doesn’t mean that you will be incapable of getting that hand painted sign you’ve dreamed of. Local automotive pinstripers are often happy to take up a sign painting job. While there are some minute differences between the two trades, there are quite a few similarities. Any Automotive Pinstriper will be capable of producing that vintage hand painted look for your signage. In fact, any signwork they make will be pure art, built to perfectly withstand the elements for years to come. Though their artistic abilities will not come cheap. Being a part of a dying trade, their work is exceptional, but often carries the price tag to go along with it. Be prepared to pay more for hand painted work than you would for just a standard custom sign.

Antique/ Junk stores

Sign Shops

Last but certainly not least. If a vintage sign is what you’re after, the best option is to check the local antique shops around. While these places are definitely hit or miss, sometimes they have some real gems. It won’t be exactly what you need. But you will often find just what you never knew you needed. Until you see it of course. If you’re looking for something unique but you don’t quite know what it should be exactly, these are great places to look. And honestly, they are the most entertaining by far.

These are some of my favorite places to snoop around even in my free time. You just never know what you’re going to find. Another benefit of many of these places is that they are willing to work with you on the price a vast majority of the time. But on the other side of the coin, some of the time they know that what they have is unique and valuable. So the prices they ask can be a bit much.


Though Custom signage can be a difficult commodity to obtain, you are not without hope. There are still quite a few ways to find quality custom sign shops in Stockton California. Whether for work, or just a hobby. There are numerous routes to take, and ways to save a little cash. This is not an exhaustive list however. There are certainly more locations that I am unaware of that could certainly provide excellent service. Be sure to ask those you know, and others about their signs when in the market for your own.