Cross off the To-Do List During Quarantine

Times right now have uprooted the daily norm, but here at Mountain West Rentals & Sales we are up and running during the virus quarantine period. We have everything you need to knock out that forever growing pesky to-do list of yours. Now is the time to take advantage of the new schedules and tackle that project you’ve been putting off. Call us up and we can get you started with all the tools you could possibly need. We have locations in Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Chubbuck

What We Have for You

One of our most commonly rented items is the mini excavator. Here at Mountain West Rentals And Sales we are proud to be the leading mini excavator rental company. We provide mini excavators manufactured by Kubota, one of the most trusted and reliable global manufacturers of construction, dirt and concrete, and lawn and garden equipment. Having been engineering these quality products since 1969, there is a reason why Kubota continues to be an industry standard in landscaping and construction of all kinds. Have questions about mini excavators? We’re here to answer them.

What Kinds Of Projects Can A Mini Excavator Complete?

One of the biggest benefits of mini excavators is their versatility. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks both large and small in scale. A mini excavator would be just as appropriate for certain home and garden tasks as they would be for demolition or large-scale construction.

Mini excavators are great for:

mini excavator rental
  • Digging irrigation ditches
  • Removing stumps or unwanted trees and bushes
  • Flattening the landscape
  • Dirt grading
  • Digging down to sewer lines (for later repair)
  • Digging trenches
  • Digging holes for trampolines, pools, or fire pits
  • Digging holes for planting trees and bushes
  • Demolishing old sheds or other structures of a similar size
  • Plowing snow
  • Digging through or moving large piles of garbage and debris

If you have a construction, landscaping, or demolition project to complete that is simply too big to be handled manually, a mini excavator rental is likely the ideal solution to your problem.

In order to rent a mini excavator in Idaho Falls, you will have to be able to provide the right credentials. It is generally illegal for any rental company to provide heavy machinery to people who do not have the right training on how to operate the equipment they wish to rent. 

Lawn and Garden Rentals

Spring has sprung here in Idaho! The weather is beautiful and the snow is gone (cross your fingers Idaho doesn’t decide to play a cruel joke on us), but for now our yards are looking a bit sparse. With the added time during quarantine now is the time to take charge and take control of your yard once more! With our stock of tools, you can make that yard look in tip-top shape. Give your neighbors something to be jealous about, but be sure to send them our way to get all their needed tools! Check out some of the lawn and garden rentals we have available.

Cleaning Up the To-Do List

There may be some tasks we continue to push to the bottom of the to-do list for some reason or another. Don’t you fret, we have the equipment and tool needs to get those tasks crossed off.

Those final leaves we may not have gotten to before the snow fell are showing their true colors now. With the use of the backpack blower, you can blow those leaves aways. While blowing those leaves away you may notice your bushes and hedges have gotten out of hand as well. Use our hedge trimmer to shape them up!

Manage those unruly tree branches amongst other chain saw needs with our chain saw rental. Take down the dead tree that is causing an eye sore and then use our log splitter to create manageable logs to carry away or use within a fire pit! But be sure not to strain yourself. Many may not think of needing a wheelbarrow when first tackling a task, but as you get knee deep in you may start to rethink manual labor. With our wheelbarrow rental you can make your task easier to complete. Trust us, your back will thank you later.

The Unruly Lawn and Grass Needs

landscaping in Idaho Falls

For many months we have not had to think about mowing our lawns, but now is the time! If you don’t have a lawn mower of your own, we have one for you to rent. Or you may pull that lawn mower of yours out of storage and come to find it’s now longer working. Don’t let the grass get out of hand by waiting to purchase a new one, rent one of ours for a weekend and take care of your grass. 

Along with mowing the lawn, you’ll need to take care of the edges and garden areas. Rent our weed eater and get that taken care of. You’ll have beautiful edges and clean gardes. Along with spring comes weeds. Take care of those with our handy dandy weed sprayer! But don’t forget, after spraying for weeds you need to be sure to fertilize your lawn to bring a lush and healthy yawn for the season. With our fertilizer drop spreader, this rental will make your fertilizing process much easier.

Whatever your needs may be, we here at Mountain West Rentals & Sales can help you. Our staff is very knowledgeable and would love to help you with your to-do list. Contact us to get those items crossed off!