Common Plumbing Emergencies And When To Call The Plumbers

In our modern world we are grateful to have so many conveniences related to plumbing. We have flushing toilets and hot showers, sprinkler systems and dish washing machines. All of these things and more contribute to the relative ease and comfort of our daily lives. Until the moment that something goes wrong. When a plumbing emergency happens and plumbers must be called, the modern marvels of plumbing can feel a bit cursed.

Minor Emergencies

Some plumbing issues might not be immediate emergencies that require plumbers right away. These kinds of issues can include:

While these aren’t conditions that require immediate emergency attention, they will need to be managed so the problems are corrected and don’t have time to become worse. Leaky faucets tend not to fix themselves on their own, they usually leak more over time and will need to be replaced or repaired. The longer you wait to fix it, the more water is wasted and depending on the area you live in, the costs of dripping water could add up. A plumber can fix this for you or if the leak is small you can attempt to fix it yourself. Clogged drains and toilets are also small emergencies that are also usually resolved pretty easily on your own. There are many easily obtained remedies for clogged drains that work well. Commonly used products are liquid drain openers, toilet plungers, and augers which are also often called “snakes”. These items can be found at hardware and some grocery stores. Sometimes a drain may be too clogged for an easy fix. When this happens you need to call a plumber and then refrain from using the clogged drain or toilet until it is cleared. Otherwise you could end up with a true emergency and you will need plumbers right away.

Major Emergencies That Need Plumbers

Some things are just not worth it to try and fix yourself or put off until later. Sometimes emergencies are urgent and plumbers will simply have to be called. Some of these instances are:

There are many things that can go wrong with a toilet, from the mechanisms in the tank to the the seals at the base of the toilet to the water lines coming in and out of the toilet. Any and all of these can break, wear out, and otherwise cease to work. The toilet itself can break! Wear and age can cause tiny cracks in the porcelain, which can become big cracks, which in turn can lead to bathroom flooding and ruined floors. If you are having issues with a malfunctioning toilet and you also need to have access to the toilet regularly, you will want to call the plumbers as soon as possible to avoid further flooding emergencies.

Burst pipes can be catastrophic home emergencies as water damage can be very expensive to repair and often contributes to other problems that can appear later such as mold and mildew. Burst pipes can happen due to faulty or old pipes, or from freezing conditions. Unlike toilet issues which can often wait until morning to fix by turning off a water main, a burst pipe will need professional attention from emergency plumbers as soon as possible, even if it’s in the middle of the night. Broken water lines are similar situations. If you can staunch the flow from a broken pipe by shutting off the water mains you can buy some time, but if you cannot shut off the water flow, it’s a real emergency.

A sewer backup can get nasty really fast. A major backup can affect all of the plumbing in your home and cause major property damage. This is a true emergency that requires a call to your plumbers no matter the time of day.

A broken water heater may not be an emergency on the scale of a sewer backup, but it can seem pretty pressing if you need hot water and don’t have it. And if your water heater is leaking, the waste of hot water could cost you quite a bit on your hot water bill. Not necessarily cataclysmic, but something to fix right away.

It’s up to you to determine if your plumbing problem is an emergency for professional plumbers or if it’s an annoyance that you can fix at your leisure. Just remember that small leaks and faulty fixtures can become emergencies and make informed choices about your plumbing!