Children’s Dance Classes: How to Choose The Right Class For Your Child

Deciding to enroll your child into a dance class is one of the best ways to increase their overall physical fitness, spark their creativity, and improve their team-building skills. However, unless your child already knows what type of dance they would like to explore, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide from the dozens of dance classes which one will be best for them. Additionally, even if you or child do know what San Antonio children’s dance classes you’d like to start with, it may end up that your child doesn’t enjoy the class and would perhaps be better suited in a different type of dance class. 

Don’t be discouraged if the first, second, or even third dance class your child tries doesn’t go according to plan. It’s all part of the learning process. Alternatively, you may find that your child loves and excels at more than one type of dance!

Today on the blog, we will be discussing the different types of children’s dance classes in San Antonio along with what factors to consider when choosing the right dance class for your child. We hope that this guide will help you in the decision making process. 

Choosing a San Antonio Children’s Dance Class: Things To Consider

Your Child’s Age

If your child is showing an interest in dance or tumbling or if you would like to sign them up for a dance class, you can start them as young as three. Some studios, like The Jewel of Art Dance Studio, also offer classes that are called “Mommy and Me” or something along those lines. Many of the San Antonia children dance classes for this age group are primarily focused on teaching necessary coordination skills and dancing for fun, rather than learning the technique of that particular dance. 

Around the age of five or six, children can enroll in dance classes where foundational techniques will be taught, such as introductory combinations at the barre for a ballet class and even choreography. 

Your Child’s Goals

Performing Dance Arts suggests considering your child’s goals and what your goals are for them when choosing a dance class. Some questions to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Are dance classes primarily a recreational activity?
  • Would you or childlike to take dance to a competitive level in the future?
  • Is your child taking dance classes predominantly for exercise?
  • Do they need to work on posture and muscle memory?

These questions can help you to narrow down your search. For example, if you wish for your child to improve their posture, a ballet class may be the most appropriate. If your child just wants to dance for fun, a hip-hop or jazz children’s dance class in San Antonio may be the more obvious fit. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help you find the right dance class for your child that will improve their skills and awaken their creativity. 

Your Child’s Interests

young ballet dancers in black leotards

While for younger children, it does make more sense as a parent to choose the class or classes for them to discover their interests, older children will be more successful if they are allowed to choose a class that piques their interest. As parents of older children, we can help to guide them in this decision-making process by showing them videos of different types of dance on YouTube, having them read books or blogs about the dance, and even allowing them to try out a class to see if it is a good fit. 

San Antonio Children’s Dance Classes To Choose From

Many studios will offer a basic variety of dance classes for children; these often include ballet, jazz, tap, and beginning hip hop. As mentioned previously, for younger children ages 18 months to three years old, there is a class called Mommy and Me. Let’s take a closer look at each of the classes offered at The Jewel of Art Dance Studio to better understand what each has to offer and which class sounds like the right one for your child. 

Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me is a 45-minute dance class for children 18 months to three years old that gives mothers the opportunity to bond with their child through the art of dance. Each class includes a sing-a-long creative dance. 

Combo I

Combo I is for children ages 4-5 and combines basic introductory techniques of ballet and tap along with creative dance and sing-along songs. This class is 45-minutes in length and does require a dress code. This class is perfect for children to learn structure, listening skills, and have fun learning rhythm and movement. 

Combo II

Children ages 6-7 can enjoy this one-hour long class that includes ballet, jazz, and tumbling. In this slightly more advanced combo class children will have the opportunity to learn ballet placement and introductory combinations at the barre. This class emphasizes focus on body placement and introduces children to jazz technique. 

At our studio, once a child is eight years old or older, they will have the chance to hone in on their skills and passion by taking classes that specialize in a specific dance class. As children progress in their skill level and age, they will be able to move on to more advanced dance classes. The following are classes offered at our studio for children and are the starting point for each dance technique:

Ballet I

Geared for kids ages 8-10, this hour-long dance class includes barre, center and across the floor techniques. This class focuses on proper body alignment and body placement. Children will also be introduced to ballet vocabulary, including adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro, turns, and jumps. 

Tap I

This class is for ages seven and up and will help your child develop rhythm, style, and sound. Students will learn a variety of Tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm Tap. Exercises will focus on building flexibility of the knees and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper Tap technique, producing clear sounds, and having fun. 

Jazz I

This one-hour class includes beginning Jazz technique across the floor, including kicks, jumps, leaps, and turns in addition to some choreography. The class emphasis is on Emphasis on correct alignment, rhythm, and coordination.

Beg/Int HipHop

young Hip Hop dancer

For children ages 7 to 13, this one-hour class introduces Hip Hop technique and choreography. This includes technique across the floor and choreography in centre. Old school and new school dance styles and music are utilized throughout the class. 

If you have any additional questions or would like to register for a class, call The Jewel of Art Dance Studio in San Antonio today. We want to help your child discover what moves them!