Why Regular Oil Changes for Your Vehicle Are So Important

It’s important to keep in perspective what oil does for your vehicle. Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of a variety of moving parts, all of which help power your vehicle and keep it running. These parts are made of metal, steel, and other hard materials, and when these parts are all moving quickly, they’re going to result in friction. Friction, of course, results in heat, and heat, results in damage.

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Should I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Business?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Is your business crumbling underneath mountains of debt, with no end in sight? Are you struggling just to stay afloat in your market? If your financial crisis is getting out of hand, you may want to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for business. Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) is an effective option for small businesses, sole proprietorship, corporations and partnerships. If you choose to go forward with filing bankruptcy, you’ll need the aid of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to mitigate the intricacies of bankruptcy law. Without the legal advice of an attorney, you may miss pertinent information regarding your financial situation that could benefit yourself and your business in the long term.

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5 Surprising Treats Your Dog Will Love

Tiny lights are strewn about. There’s a tree in your living room. Either the holiday season is in full swing or you have unique tastes in décor (not that we’re judging either way). Of course, decorations are only part of what makes the holidays fun. Food is another huge component of the season. Humans exchange pies, cookies, and other treats, but what about your furry companion? Here are some great holiday treats that are safe for your dog!

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Maternity Photography Through the Seasons

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful moments in life. Having that precious cargo to hold for nine months is a great experience and your body goes through many changes as your baby grows and develops. A very popular trend is to have a maternity photography session (or two or three!) to document your journey. Depending on you, your style and preferences there are many different options to make your photography session creative and unique just for you.

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10 tips for your restoration project with classic Chevy parts

Have you been interested in restoring a classic vehicle but haven’t done it yet? Not sure where to begin? Let’s stop procrastinating and get you started. Here’s a few tips to get you going in the right direction.

1 – Budget

This is certainly going to be one of your main considerations. You need to know ahead of time what you are willing/can afford to spend. Otherwise, you could easily get in over your head. Do your budget first and then find a vehicle to fit, rather than having your heart set on a certain vehicle and trying to make your budget work. Remember, the more common the vehicle, the easier it will be for you to get your classic Chevy parts for it. You may want to double, if not triple, your expected expenses just to be on the safe side for when something unexpected pops up.

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San Diego shutters and blinds: What’s the difference?

Whether you are buying a home or just feel like making some changes to your current place, window coverings are something that just might be a little more important than you think. There are many so options to choose from in San Diego. Shutters and blinds are two of the most common. We custom fit both blinds and Shutters in San Diego, creating the perfect look for your home. So what is the difference between San Diego shutters and blinds? Maybe this will help you.

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