Can I Find A Family Dentist In Tucson?

Getting out to the dentist can be one of the hardest things to do in life, especially when you’ve got a young family. You’re not unlikely to every once in a while wrestle the whole crew out of the house and stuff them in the back of a minivan, dragging them all the way across town to the pediatric dentist. But then making sure you and your husband get your cleaning on schedule as well? It can be a lot to tackle, and honestly, it’s an exhausting task. But finding one dentist for the whole family can help reduce the stress and struggle of getting to the dentist by consolidating the destinations. That’s why making sure you find a family dentist in Tucson both your kids, and you can trust can be so important!

How Do I Find A Family Dentist In Tucson?

Locating the best family dentist can be a challenge. But like everything else, The golden rule for finding the best, is rooted in referral. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about their dentists, See if anyone you know goes to a family dentist. And most of all, just because they’ve worked for someone you know, doesn’t mean they have to work for you. Don’t be afraid to pick their brain a little bit. It’s in our nature as humans to want to help out our friends. You’ll be surprised at how open many people are about their dentists.

Another fantastic way to locate a great family dentist in Tucson is likely something you’ve already tried, just google it! Most of the time there’s a little map with 3 different businesses in it that we call the local pack. This local pack is a wonderful place to find some of the best dentists in town. Clicking into it will bring up a list of even more family dentists in Tucson. It helps to put together a list of some of the highest rated dentists, and then visit their websites and do a double check on their list of services to make sure they meet the needs of your whole family. Once you’ve reached a conclusion, reach out! Ultimately you’ll never know how good they really are until you go.

What If We Don’t Like Them?

If you go, and decide they’re just not the dentist for your family, it’s not a problem at all! One dentist is going to be perfect for one family’s situation, but won’t quite make the cut for another family, because your family is unique! There’s no shame in that. Simply continue searching for the dentist that fits you and your family’s lifestyle perfectly. Changing dentists doesn’t need to be a scary thing, in fact, it’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is sit down with your current dentist,and sign a release form. Super easy! The release form gives the dentists the right to share your private records with your new dentist. Once signed you’ll want to make sure your new dentist knows to expect the transfer of your records within the next couple of days, and that’s it! You’re all done switching dentists!

Our Recommendations

Now we couldn’t send you running off into the blue looking for the perfect dentist without at the very least giving our two cents on where to start. So, here goes. Our recommendation for a fantastic place to start looking would be Wilmot Family Dentistry at 899 N Wilmot Rd. #2 is Tucson AZ. We recommend them because of first, their excellent work and care for their patients, but secondly, because of the wide variety of dental procedures they are prepared to perform. Their list of services extends from full service pediatric dentistry to restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and even dental implants and emergencies! They are the single most likely family dentist in Tucson to be a perfect fit for all of your family’s needs. 

All in all, going to the dentist sure has a scary reputation. But it sure doesn’t need to! Finding the right dentist is really the key and you have a lot more freedom there than it seems. Keep on keeping on, and when necessary, don’t be afraid to call in on backup! It’s a tough job keeping those kids teeth in their heads.