Best Stainless Steel Polish on the Market

Sheen Genie started out as an exclusive product to the professional automobile world. The popularity grew and the demand was there to open the products to the public, so they did! It has been ranked as the top polishing product available on the market today. Designed and manufactured right here at home in the United States, with the high-quality and long-lasting results, it is no surprise it is called the best stainless steel polish available.

Where and How to Use Sheen Genie

Sheen Genie is used to polish many different types of metals such as:

polished silver and brass

Sheen Genie is perfectly safe to use on all metals within and outside of your home. It is non-acidic with no harsh chemicals within the formula. Even the bottles are made from recycled material, making it one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market. If you are using the metal polish on cookware such as pots and pans, just be sure to thoroughly wash them before using. The product was also made to have as little odor as possible and has been reported as non-foul smelling. Customers have even left reviews of the product smelling similar to a clay face-mask they use. You won’t be stinking up your entire home or car if you use it inside, and you don’t have to wear protective gear to use it either.

Sheen Genie metal polish is also a cleaner, so this means you don’t have to clean the surface first. However, giving your metal surface a quick wipe down to remove any loose debris and contaminants will allow the maximum amount of polish to reach the surface. You don’t need to worry about the temperature of your metal either. The polish will still work! In fact, the warmer the surface, the faster the polish dries.

using metal polish

Using the best stainless steel polish is so easy. Apply a small amount of the polish to a soft cloth, a terry cloth works best, and apply with the grain of the metal surface. Allow for the polish to sit for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes to let it dry. It shouldn’t feel tacky to the touch. Then take a clean cloth and wipe off. That’s it! For optimal results, use the sealer + repellent using the same process as the metal polish + cleaner. The sealer + repellent keeps your metal surface grime and oxidation-free for months to come. This means less time spent on polishing your stainless steel and other metals. If you are polishing a large area of metal, consider using a compound buffer. This allows for a quick spread of the metal polish. The same steps are taken as you would if applying the polish by hand. Sheep’s wool is recommended for your buffing pad. The buffing pad needs to make direct contact with the metal surface to be effective. Make sure to change to a clean pad when removing the polish. This process literally couldn’t be easier. In just a few minutes you’ll have a shining new metal surface as if you just bought it.

Why Choose Sheen Genie

Sheen Genie has gone through years of trial and error to bring the best-formulated product to you. There are many reasons as to why Sheen Genie is considered to have the best stainless steel polish. The formula is unlike any other polishing products bringing you a superior product that won’t let you down time after time. The stainless steel polish is:

  • Non-Abrasive Other products use abrasives to scratch and break down the surface of your metals to bring back the metal shine. Sheen Genie doesn’t use abrasives, they use a special chemical formula. This means your metal surfaces are not compromised. The chemicals will remove, restore and protect your metals.
  • Water-Based – Unlike other products, Sheen Genie stainless steel polish is water-based. Other products are petroleum-based which means they commonly leave a residue behind. The residue left behind can collect dust and debris. All this does for you is create more work and require you to polish more frequently. 
  • No Buffing Needed – With the Sheen Genie stainless steel polish, all you need is the product itself and a cloth. There is no prepping needing in the form of buffing, cleaning or anything! Just rub on, and then wipe the product off and you’re set to go.
  • Heat Tolerant – The Sheen Genie stainless steel polish has been tested on temperatures over 600 degrees and remains effective. At the high heat, there was no breakdown, streaking, flaking, or dulling. The polish and sealer hold its integrity on high-heat engines and has never become hazardous or flammable.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – Sheen Genie is viewed as the best stainless steel polish. The confidence in the product is backed by a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results. 
Sheen Genie complete metal care kit

The Sheen Genie formula is top-notch quality. It removes oil, rust, oxidation, discoloration, bluing, scratches, tarnishes, buildup, water spots, pitting and more. It works at fixing the root of the problem by removing all the unwanted buildup, rust, and decay to leave your stainless steel looking shiny new. After removal, Sheen Genie has a sealer and repellant that protects your surfaces for up to six months. This not only means less time spent polishing your stainless steel, it means less use of the product as well. One bottle of the best stainless steel polish will fully polish 10-12 applications on your car where metal is the prominently noticeable surface. If you have a motorcycle you can get about 15-18 full applications out of one bottle. For those of you with semis, you will be able to get 4-5 full applications out of just one bottle! 

If you are still somehow unsure if you want to try out the best stainless steel polish on the market, just remember Sheen Genie offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Give the Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner along with the sealer + repellent one chance, you won’t be disappointed. All it takes is one use for you to see why Sheen Genie has been ranked as the best metal polish on the market today. Reach out to the excellent customer service team for any questions you may have and get your order placed ASAP.