Best Bikes For Sale in St. George, Utah

Southern Utah is one of the most prestigious cycling areas in the United States, maybe even the world. Within a short drive in any direction from St. George, there are excellent rides to be had for any type of cycling enthusiast. At Bicycles Unlimited, we cater to all different kinds of riders and kinds of biking. We pride ourselves in selling quality bikes in St. George to riders young and old, novice and expert. Whether you’re into BMX, mountain biking, road races or a mixture of styles, we have the bikes for sale that you’re looking for. If you have any questions, reach out to our store and one of our team members will happily assist you.

BMX Bikes for Sale

Anyone from Generation X and older will be happy to know that BMX has made a huge comeback. Deemed a “sport created by kids, for kids” by COO of USA BMX, John David, the trend turned sport has been rebooted. It is for all ages. Parents who were into it as youngsters are back on the bike, as are their kids. Organizations such as Red Bull and the Olympics hold amazing BMX functions and competitions that have been gaining popularity again since 2008. The best part about this resurgence is that the bikes still have the classic look, but newer technology and lighter components. 

The BMX bikes we sell are from the experts of freestyle BMX, Haro Bikes. As the first company to introduce a freestyle specific frame and fork, Haro has a broad variety of builds that can accommodate riders both new and experienced. They have the knowledge behind their bikes to put out a quality product worthy of a professional rider. That’s why we choose to sell their bike brand. If you’re into racing or freestyle tricks, we have the right bikes for sale. We also sell other top BMX brands such as Redline. 

Looking for a City/Hybrid Bike?

cyclist going fast on road bicycle

With the weather as sunny and warm as it is in St. George, it’s almost a crime not to ride a bike around town. Whether you’re commuting to work, checking out the local farmers market, or just going for a joy ride, our variety of Trek bicycles will suit your needs. Trek is one of the industry leaders in road, city/hybrid, and mountain bikes. This means they had years of experience creating quality products with loads of options. Our city/hybrid bikes have the availability to add extras such as baskets, suspension seat posts for comfort, and more. Attach a trailer for your kids. Choose hydraulic disc brakes so you can stop at an instant with any weather condition. With Trek, your options are tremendous. With a lifetime warranty on styles like the Verve, it’s easy to see why this is one of our best selling bike brands. We also carry other bike giants such as Cannondale and GT. 

Try Out E-Bikes

What is an e-bike? If you’re asking this question, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. With the latest trends of “green living”, hybrid and electric cars, there is no good reason not to have an electric bicycle as well. With all of the benefits and pleasures of riding a bike, you also get boosted commute times. Our Trek Super Commuter + has the ability to go 28 miles per hour. With features like fenders and battery powered lights, it’s easy to integrate this bike into your daily lifestyle. The best part? You can charge it on any regular household outlet. That way you never have to worry about your power running out. If your battery runs dead, you can still pedal your bike to make it home no problem. 

Southern Utah – Mountain Biking Mecca

mountain biking

Downhill. Super D races. Cross country marathons. Trail riding. Southern Utah has been known for its superior mountain bike terrain all over the world for years. No matter what style of mountain biking you’re into, we have a wide array of bikes for sale to meet your needs. From hardtail bikes to full suspension builds, we have a bike for every rider and every budget. For 35 years, Bicycles Unlimited has been deeply involved in the biking community in St. George and the surrounding areas. We have the knowledge to help you find the right bike, parts, and accessories that you need to enhance your riding experience. 

We carry top bike brands such as Trek, Cannondale, and GT. Between our top-notch sales team, service technicians, and our brand representatives, we have the know-how to get you the bike you’ve been dreaming of. We will also be able to point you in the right direction of our favorite trails, features, and rides in any direction. When you buy a bike with us, you get so much more than a cool ride. You’re gaining a family of fellow bike enthusiasts. 

Want to Be the Next Lance Armstrong?

Do you ever walk into a bike shop and wonder why they chose to carry the brands they do? Is it based on looks? What will make them the most money? A roll of the dice, perhaps?

two cyclists at sunset

For Bicycles Unlimited, we can promise there were no dice, coins or cards involved. We simply did what every bike shop should: research. We wanted to bring our customers the best bike brands that wouldn’t break the bank. Cycling should be for everyone, no matter the age or monetary status. That’s why we chose to have reputable bike brands for sale in our store. If you know anything about road biking, you have heard of Lance Armstrong. He was one of the top dogs of cycling and was the winner of Tour de France for seven years in a row. All controversies aside, there is definitely something that stood out to the world. Trek road bicycles were something to look out for. Lance Armstrong rode a Trek model for all seven years of his winning streak. Not only did he have the endurance and speed of a pronghorn antelope, but he chose a winning machine to keep up with him. Now that may have been in the early 2000s, but Trek still has upheld a great reputation for quality bikes. With a wide range of aluminum and carbon bikes to choose from, it’s easy to see why they are still so popular among cyclists. 

For all of the road bikes on the market in 2019, two leading bicycle and riding publications have listed our brands at the top. Bicycling and Cyclist have listed Trek and Cannondale models in the top ten lists for quality and affordability. We can’t agree more. Whether you’re big into road bike races, are wanting to compete in your first triathlon ever, or just like to channel your inner Armstrong every once in a while – we are here for you.