What it Takes to Become a DWI Attorney

There are numerous things that must be accomplished to becoming a Springfield DWI Attorney. Certain requirements must be met before someone can practice law in Springfield, MO. If you are planning on becoming a Springfield DWI lawyer, there are a few steps that you must follow. The following steps must be accomplished to become a lawyer: (1) obtain a bachelor’s degree; (2) attend law school; (3) study for and pass the state’s bar exam, (4) pay the requisite fees to be licensed before the state and the various courts within the state.

Bachelor’s Degree

A lot of professional degrees require prerequisites or certain types of degrees to be eligible for their program. However, law school does not have any prerequisites, other than having a bachelor’s degree. This makes attending law school an easy option for those who have that desire. In law school you will see a lot of various bachelor degrees. Usually, there are a lot of people with political science and english degrees. These are great degrees to have when attending law school, especially if you want to be a Springfield DWI lawyer. The writing and reasoning skills that you will learn in these degrees will be extremely beneficial to you succeeding in law school. It does not matter where you receive your degree from as long as it is an accredited school.

Law School

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To be able to attend law school, you will need to take a standardized test called the LSAT. This exam will test your reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical skills, things that are essential to being a Springfield DWI lawyer. Depending on how well you score on the exam will be one of the things that get you into the law school of your choice. If you are planning on being a Springfield DWI attorney, it may not be a bad idea to attend a law school within the state. There will be an application process to get accepted into a school. These schools will look at your background, undergraduate GPA, and your LSAT score to determine whether or not you should be accepted. These factors will also determine whether or not you receive a scholarship.

There are certain focuses you can take while attending law school. To become a Springfield DWI attorney, it would be important to take as many criminal law classes that you can while in law school. These classes will give you a superficial knowledge of the law and how it is applied to a client and used in court. There will also be criminal law clinics and journals. The clinics will allow you to get hands on experience dealing with the judicial system and helping clients wade through their legal issues.

In addition to in school activities to help you become a Springfield DWI attorney, you will have summer opportunities to have internships. These internships allow you to work with law firms, like DWI Springfield, that are in your course of study or interest. Working with these law firms will be an excellent experience that will help you get a job in this field. Law school is a three year program, but it can be finished in two years if you are feeling ambitious.

Passing the Bar Exam to Become a DWI Attorney in Springfield

Each state will require you to pass the state’s bar exam. The universal bar exam (UBE) has made this easier for the law student. It is a bar exam that numerous states offer. Depending on your score you can transfer your score from state to state if the state is part of the UBE. The bar exam is a difficult exam often lasting two to three days. This exam will cost close to $1000 depending on the state. The bar preparation program will also cost thousands of dollars, but it is necessary to study for the exam. The application process to be able to take the exam is extensive. The state will run a background check to make sure you are eligible to be an attorney.   

The exam will test you on all of your first year law school classes. Other classes will also be tested on the exam, such as family law, secured transactions, corporations, and criminal procedure. In order to become a Springfield DWI attorney you will have to get a passing score for your state. Each state may require a different score.

Once the exam is finished, you will not know your score for weeks and sometimes months. So there is a lot of uncomfortable waiting in your future. The preparation for this exam alone takes months and should be treated like a full-time job.

Becoming Licensed

After you have received your score and know that you have passed the bar exam, you will receive instructions on where you need to be and how much money will have to be paid to be sworn in before the state. You will also have the opportunity to be able to practice law before the federal courts of the state and the state courts for a small fee. If you are wanting to practice DWI law, then you must be licensed to practice law and be able to represent clients in state and/or federal court.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Becoming a Springfield DWI Lawyer?

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Even though becoming a Springfield DWI attorney may be your dream, there still may be ups and downs while practicing law. The legal field is a rewarding field to work in. There are many benefits to working with clients and knowing the law. When you are an attorney, you will know your rights and be able to protect those rights for yourself and others. It is also a wonderful profession that is fulfilling because time is spent helping others. When helping others, it will always make you feel good about yourself.

Being an attorney will often mean that you will be well compensated for the work that you do. This will allow you to pay off student loans and support a family. The work is also steady because we are a country built on laws and laws are always being broken. However, with all the pros that come with being an attorney, there are also may cons to being an attorney. Being an attorney is extremely stressful. You are always dealing with other people’s problems that are difficult and can prove to be a burden on you. The hours, at times, may be long and grueling while trying to solve difficult legal issues for your client. Also, some of the people that you will have to deal with will not be the most pleasant individuals.

Overall, the legal profession is fulfilling one allowing you to assist others and protect them under the law. It is a difficult task to wade through all the schooling and exams to become a lawyer, but it will be worth it in the end. With a little perseverance and focus on your goals, you will eventually be representing clients before a judge and defending their rights.