Back To School Shopping: How to Save Money This Year

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve seen, heard, and witnessed the back to school shopping coupons and sales showing up in every place possible. With so many ads in rotation it can be overwhelming to even think about purchasing clothes and supplies for the school year. With that in mind, we compiled a list of tips that will help you save more money in the long run and how to find the best deals for the items you really want.

Take Stock

Before you run to the local department school to get all the things, see what you already own and if it’s in good enough shape to be reused for this school year. While new pencils, pens, crayons are a must, these are usually the cheapest items on your list and there is always a deal to be had. Let your kids raid your office supplies in search of binders, notebooks, and other items that can be easily reused. This also is a great idea for clothing. Before school begins have your children empty out their closets to create piles for keep, sale, donate, and throw away. This allows you to take stock of what items they already have and what they desperately need. Additionally, if you are able to sale some of the old items, you can use that money towards new school clothes or supplies.

Look For Sales on Big Ticket Items

As mentioned above, there is usually always a sell on smaller items like pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc. There are so many coupons, online-only sales, incentive programs and many more deals in circulation that you need to narrow it down to what you can save the most money on. What you want to look for our the sales that include big ticket items like:

  • Backpacks and lunchboxes
  • Calculators
  • Computers
  • Cellphones

Shop End of Summer Sales

Summer sales are some of the best places to get clothing for kids. As we all know, most kids wear t-shirts all year long and what better place to find them than in the summer clearance rack!

Follow Your Fave Shops

With back to school shopping many department stores and even boutique stores will offer a discount at least once a month. How do you know your getting the best deal then? Follow them! Like and follow your favorite stores on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in the know for the best back to school deals.


Second hand clothing being considered a faux pas is a thing of the past. Thrifting is all the rage right now and we hope it never goes out of style. Thrifting is one of the latest trends that has been hitting social media platforms with “influencers” selling thrifted items for competitive prices to customers all across the globe. These highly stylized vintage outfits offer a unique advantage to department store clones. If you’re looking to add a little adventure to your shopping excursion, hit up the local thrift store. With a little digging and some imagination, you will be able to create cool one of a kind outfits for your children, that will make all the other kids ask, “Where did you get that?”

Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash