Signs of Anxiety in Dogs: How to Keep Your Dog Calm at Home

Anxious puppy looking out window - Signs of Anxiety in Dogs: How to Keep Your Dog Calm at Home

Being a dog owner is highly rewarding, but can also be very daunting! When your dog is a puppy, you never know what could be on the horizon with regards to behavioral traits. At one point or another, it is likely that you may have to deal with anxiety issues that can cause serious problems if left untreated. Loud noises, separation anxiety, phobias, and many other triggers can cause fear and anxiety, and even destructive behavior in your beloved pet. Dog anxiety is a tricky disorder to deal with that will require you to be extremely patient and persistent. If you can pinpoint the source of your dog’s anxiety, it will be much easier to manage.

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Essential Oil for Menstrual Cramps and Achy Joints

Menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, and the aches and pains that accompany PMS and menstruation can affect a woman’s ability to enjoy her life. Though “period symptoms” during the menstrual cycle are often thought of as insignificant and no big deal, there are many women who suffer every single month and aren’t able to live a full life during this time and would do almost anything for a little pain relief.

Fortunately, if you are faced with menstrual cramps, achy joints, and other unpleasant symptoms associated with your period, there are safe, natural, and effective ways to manage the problem. Essential oils are one example.

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Can Dogs Get Depressed? How to Help Your Sad Dog

Sad Puppy in Couch - Can Dogs Get Depressed? How to Help Your Sad Dog

Those who have suffered depression know how incredibly difficult life can become. Mental health is very complicated and it can take a long time to establish the most effective approach. You may have heard about anxiety and stress in dogs but what about depression? Can dogs really become depressed? The expression “suffer in silence” springs to mind when you think about dogs becoming depressed due to their inability to tell you how they feel. So, what can you do to help them?

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Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure Gauge - Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a serious condition that currently affects thousands of adults in America. Statistics show that 33% of adults who are above the age of 20 struggle with high blood pressure and that figure reaches a whopping 66% for those in their mid-60 and over. It goes without saying that high blood pressure is becoming a nasty rising trend, which is only going to worsen if changes to the system aren’t made. While there is already a substantial amount of research into hypertension, a succinct cure is yet to be found. And, thanks to the rise of natural medicines, including medical marijuana, many people now suspect that cannabis-based products could provide the answers we have been looking for with regards to lowering blood pressure in modern society.

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Paws for Thought: 5 Things to Think About When Welcoming a Puppy Home

Happy Puppy in Grass - 5 Things to Think About When Welcoming a Puppy Home

Awww, puppies – they’re fluffy, fun and full of love. But for every inch of cuteness, puppies are also darn hard work. They demand time, money and (above everything else) plenty of love and affection.

So there’s actually plenty to consider (and prepare) if you’re soon to welcome a new four-legged friend into your home.

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Managing Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Dog Shedding - Managing Excessive Shedding in Dogs

First things first – shedding is entirely normal and 100% healthy, especially during the spring months when the weather is warming, and during fall, when your pooch is preparing their winter coat.

But there are some instances when leaving a trail of hairy destruction in their wake is NOT normal. Here we take a look at how to spot excessive shedding that’s pointing to a problem.

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Speeding up Fitness Recovery with CBD

Athletic People - Speeding up Fitness Recovery with CBD

Everyone’s talking about CBD. So, what gives? Well, quite a lot actually. Far from just being the health, well-being and fitness fad of the moment, this natural oil has plenty of proven benefits going for it. Like the fact that there’s scientific proof that it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, great for your immune system and can even reduce pain.

Now, to add to these benefits, a study has found that using CBD while working out can also help speed up recovery times.

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7 Keys to Increase Productivity

Top 7 countdown - Increase Productivity

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We’ve all had those days when we feel like we are not accomplishing anything no matter how hard we work. Looming deadlines, increasing workload, multitasking and stress could all disrupt a person’s productivity. “Work smarter, not harder” has become a famous motto among the workforce. And this statement actually has merit. Sometimes, when we wear too many hats, take on too much work, instead of becoming more productive, our productivity actually decreases. So what can we do to increase our productivity?

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10 Top Health & Wellness Trends this 2019

Happy Girl in Field - Health & Wellness Trends

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This year has been a year when most of the world focused on health and wellness in a more holistic manner: both physical and mental wellness. And it is beginning to look like 2019 will be a glorious continuation of what we have been opening our minds up to in 2018. So what can we expect to see in the health and wellness sphere in 2019?

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