A History of Playing Cards

Tang Dynasty Playing Card

When you think of playing cards or a deck of cards, they seem normal and all around traditional. Many people grew up playing card games, whether around a campfire or even at family game nights. Because playing cards come in such a wide variety of styles, they can be used in many different ways. You’ll see playing cards in all sorts of places, like, casinos, magic shops or even with a magician at a magic show (often used as trick cards). They can also be used as promotional items, educational tools, in artistic ways, and they’re commonly also seen as souvenirs. Since playing cards have so much history behind them, they have quite a bit of value so they are also collected as a hobby but as well as monetary value. 

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Cool Playing Card Designs and Why They Are So Popular

We all know what a deck of playing cards looks like. They have a few defining factors but are often much more customized. Companies will often put their own unique spin on their decks. From Star Wars-themed cards to Gold dipped decks. There are many reasons that cool playing card designs are more popular than ever; more people are interested in playing cards, companies compete against each other, and collectors edition/limited release deck of cards.

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How Pioneer Became an Audio Standard

Pioneer Audio has always been one of the greats when it comes to sound. With their deep bass and excellent sound quality. Although, their perfected sound didn’t happen overnight. The founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, spent many years creating what Pioneer is today. He went from creating speakers in his garage to forging his company into becoming one of the biggest car audio brands in the world.

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