Make The Most Of Remote Work When You Have Pets

Dog lying under a remote workers workstation

Have you heard the term digital nomad? Maybe not yet, but if you’re planning to become a remote worker, that’s exactly what you’ll be. When you choose to work outside of the constraints of a cubicle, you open yourself up to many possibilities to travel and otherwise enhance your quality of life. But when you have a pet, you may wonder if it’s possible to enjoy these perks. It is, and today’s Know All The Things tips can help.

Start By Changing Your Dog’s Diet

You may not think about it often, but what you feed your dog affects their behavior, habits, and daily schedule. Ditch the traditional dog food and look for an option that’s better for your pet, which will reduce the need for bathroom breaks and will also give them more energy. To help with your search, look at options, such as air-dried dog food online. You also want to talk to your veterinarian to find out if lower-carbohydrate, higher-protein foods are right for your dog.

Consider Your Pet’s Age

That perky little puppy or easy-going eldermight not be the best traveling companion, at least according to the Dogs Best Life blog. Dogs in either of these life stages may face different challenges when it comes to being on the road. A puppy might not be able to sit still or hold their bladder; an older dog may get disoriented or experience discomfort in a moving vehicle or when away from home.

Where Should You Work?

While the ideal answer is “anywhere,” the truth is that your pet may not be welcomed in all the same places as your laptop. Before you jump onto the digital workforce train, make sure that you have a plan for when you want to travel. There are many non-hotel alternativesthat offer everything you need for work and a little something for your tail-wagging tag-along.

Maintaining Professionalism

When you go to the office each day, it’s easy to be a “professional.” But you may not be feeling the corporate spirit when you’re working in your bare feet. To keep up appearances, utilize online tools that keep you in contact with your coworkers, employer, and/or clients. CRM recommends several options, including Slack, Wrike, and Discord. You can also utilize social media when you run your own business to showcase the best of your work. The best part about working digitally is that people don’t actually have to know you’re sitting on the beach sipping sangria.

Watch Your Spending

When you work remotely, travel is usually part of the package. But this can easily add up if you’re not careful. To save on travel, start by being open-minded about where you go. You can also plan to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday and make sure to incorporate some business into the fun, which may help you write off certain expenses.

Have A Backup Plan

Travel can be tough on your pet, and you need a backup plan to keep them calm on their off days. You might consider bringing CBD-based pet snacks with you and planning plenty of stops along the way. Something else to keep in mind is that you may not always have an opportunity to be hands-on with your pet. Having a pet sitter picked out in each area where you travel (or simply having someone come to your home while you’re busy working) can be a huge help in easing your dog’s anxiety.

The life of a digital nomad does not look the same from day to day. This is often challenging for dogs and cats alike, which thrive on routine. But just because you’re traveling or your schedule changes often doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both pet parenthood and remote work. From changing your animal’s diet to having a pet sitter at your beck and call, today’s tips can help you make the most of your cubicle-free career.

Featured Photo by Roberto Nickson

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