Finding the Correct Flanges for Your Hot Rod Project

Exhaust Flanges

What is a header flange?

The header flange is an important piece in a custom hot rod exhaust system. This flange connects the primary exhaust tubes to the engine block and allows the headers to be removed easily from the engine. The flange must be made of quality materials and to a precise measurement. If it is not made accurately or from the proper material, then there could potentially be an exhaust leak or warp and no longer fit to the heads properly.

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4 Steps To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Nervous Dog

As a dog owner, dealing with canine separation anxiety and distress can sound like a daunting task. When you become a dog parent, you never even think about the potential behavioral issues that might arise and the thought of having a dog that struggles with anxiety almost seems slightly absurd. The reality is, though, that at one point or another during your life of being a doggy parent, you are going to have to deal with issues and one of the most common is learning how to correctly and effectively treat separation anxiety.

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Arizona Wall Beds: Why You Should Get One

Arizona Wall Beds

If you are reading this, you probably already know what a wall bed is. You might even be thinking about whether or not getting one is right for you. So let’s talk about some of the benefits of having one (or several) in your home, apartment or vacation home. To put it very simply, price, quality, selection and a tradition of reliability. You can count on us for Murphy beds in Arizona. Here’s a few more reasons:

You save money and get more options

We are the manufacturer of the wall beds, so our pricing is direct, saving you thousands of dollars on comparable products you might get somewhere else. We also offer a greater selection of styles, wood types, color choices, cabinet selections and Home Office options than any other Arizona wall bed or Murphy bed manufacturer or retailer. Continue reading “Arizona Wall Beds: Why You Should Get One”

First Fidelity Reserve: Reviews – How To Manage Your Online Reputation

First Fidelity Reserve Reviews

Online business reviews are one of the most effective means of proving value and dedication to service to potential customers. Reviews allow readers and customers to make decisions based on the input of others who have used a business’s services. In fact, according to a recent Hubspot survey, “1/3 of respondents said review sites played an important role in their purchasing decision-making process.” Knowing this, it is important for all business owners and marketers to take control of their review acquisition strategies. Continue reading “First Fidelity Reserve: Reviews – How To Manage Your Online Reputation”

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Using Home Automation For Your Sound System

Smart Home Automation

Home automation is the introduction of technology to various aspects of your house. With home automation, you can quickly and easily control things like the volume of your speakers and whether your music is on or not from anywhere. All you need is a device, such as a smartphone, to connect to your wireless home audio system, which is a great first step in home automation. The reason so many people today are looking at home automation is because it makes your life at home that much easier, and it is hard to deny that introducing technology to your home isn’t a savvy upgrade. Continue reading “Why You Should Take Advantage Of Using Home Automation For Your Sound System”

The Importance of Family Photography

Family Photography

Living the family life can be a busy lifestyle at times. With work, school, activities, errands and trying to get a healthy meal into your families stomachs it can get pretty hectic. Probably the last thing on your mind is getting everyone gathered for a family portrait. And no, not a quick snap at the family picnic; a professional, we’re matching our clothes, kind of picture. We all have our excuses as to why we don’t get family pictures taken. If you think about it, wrangling the family together one day out of the year is worth the lifelong benefits of getting your family portrait taken. Continue reading “The Importance of Family Photography”

Septic System Problems – What You Should Know

Septic Tank Service Lids

Septic tanks can be a mysterious and frightening thing to many. Most don’t know what how a septic system works, and it doesn’t help that it is buried in the ground for few to see. They are most popular in rural areas, and usually out of sight – out of mind. But when there is a problem and the septic tank backs up, it is messy and unpleasant. When it comes to your septic system problems, what is it that you should know? Continue reading “Septic System Problems – What You Should Know”