Assisted Living Homes Against The Spread Of COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 pandemic assisted living homes have been uniting in their fight to protect their residents from all risk. Many of their policies are very strict, and difficult to understand at times. We’ll take a closer look at the policies they have implemented and why such a policy is a necessity in order to keep their residents safe.

No Visitation Policy

We’ll start with by far the hardest one to swallow. The no visitation policy. It’s honestly infuriating to consider that they are preventing us from visiting the ones that we love for anything other than end of life visits, but it’s far more understandable when we consider what they are doing for all of the patients in their homes. The elderly have proven to be the most at risk of being affected by COVID-19. The safest place on earth for them to be is together with their care providers in an assisted living home. But that safety is easily compromised when they are allowed too much contact with the outer world.

When they are in the home, they are provided for, all of their needs are being met, and they are able to keep social interactions with each other at no risk. When visitations are made from the outside world, it introduces many new bacteria and pathogens into the home that the patrons work so hard to remove. With too frequent visitation the possibility of a visit from someone with latent COVID-19 increases drastically. Once the virus enters a home full of those most at risk, the results would be catastrophic. I would ask that we work hard to support the Assisted Living homes in their efforts to keep their residents safe, and schedule times to visit with your loved ones over a video call instead of in person.

2-Week Quarantine

It can be difficult to imagine the feelings new residents get when they move into an assisted living home. The 2-week quarantine policy has changed a lot about how new move ins are handled. They I’m sure would naturally feel alone and afraid. But the Employees are doing their very best to make sure that their new residents feel just as warm and welcome as they would if the pandemic was not in occurrence.

The employees are still putting forth effort to visit them frequently, and keeping them happy and healthy. They must be kept in quarantine for 2 weeks because of the risk they pose to the other residents as a potential carrier of COVID-19. After the 2 weeks are up and they show no signs of COVID-19 they will be encouraged to visit and get to know the other residents. Many assisted living homes have regular exercise and activity schedules that they will be invited to participate in. 

Daily Screenings

All employees of Assisted Living Homes are being screened daily for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 as well. Each day before they are admitted to the facility they are asked a series of questions. All questions are concerning the symptoms of COVID-19. This is being done in an effort to prevent the entrance of the virus into the home. The protection the residents more than they would be anywhere else. No volunteers are being admitted to the facilities regardless of screening procedures. It is entirely up to the employees to handle the care of all the residents.

Assisted Living Homes Looking Forward

In the future these restrictions will be gradually removed. But they will likely remain on high alert as long as the virus is still a threat. The best possible way that you can help the ones you love and the homes where they reside is to stay home. As we isolate ourselves we slow the transmission of the virus. That makes it possible for the hospitals to keep up with the cases. As the virus is isolated and eradicated, it will allow all aspects of life to return to normal. Including assisted living policies. Please do all you can to protect yourself and those around you from exposure to COVID-19. The more we work together, the faster we will overcome it.