Are You Safe From A Home Burglary?

The FBI recently stated a frightening statistic – home burglaries happen every 14.6 seconds. Many people feel as though they are exempt from a home burglary, however, it happens often and not always in the middle of the night, like most would assume. Burglaries typically occur between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, when most home owners are at work. After all, who would suspect a break-in during daylight hours? Not many! So what is the first step to avoiding becoming part of this statistic? To be aware, and then to know it could happen to you . . . when you least expect it.

Keeping Your Home Safe

The most popular way for burglars to enter a home is through the front door, and in some cases, just by kicking the door open. If your home has a wooden jam, it may not provide effective protection.

There are cases where burglars will knock and see if any one will come to the door. If someone does answer they may be ready with a flyer to hand you. This is a con, designed to trick you into thinking they are a humble salesman, simply boosting sales for their local business. If no one answers their knock, it is common for them to then attempt a forced entry. When this type of home burglary occurs, it isn’t uncommon for one of the family members to be in the home (making for a very scary situation).

If your home is particularly quiet they might try the back door or a window, away from view of the street. The idea of a stranger in your home is beyond unnerving and violating. So, to avoid the situation and deter it from happening, here are a few ways on how to prevent burglars from invading your home:

  • Set up a home security system – Scare burglars away with automatic alarms that notify the police upon unauthorized entry.
  • Be sure to have a properly lit yard – Burglars will often times choose to pass up a home that is well-lit in hope of not being seen by neighbors.
  • Be sure to install doors and door frames that are strong – Solid metals provide extra protection against a home burglary.
  • Make sure that your windows are bolted shut – Window-entry is a popular way for thieves to enter. Many forget to lock their windows, especially those in a basement.
  • Keep your doggy doors locked – This is often a forgotten spot. Your pet door should always be secure before leaving your home.

Let’s say a burglar manages to enter your home. They couldn’t make it through the locked doors, so they break a window. On average it takes a burglar about 8 to 10 minutes to scale a home, taking prized possessions.

But not all needs to be lost once they finally make it inside your home. This is where 4Sight Security comes in. Offering everything you need to keep intruders away, 4Sight Security provides fully automated systems that will not only alert the police during a break-in, but they can even tell the difference between humans and pets. High tech security systems can also provide a thermostat, control for outdoor/indoor lights, allow you to lock your doors if you are away from home, control appliances, garage door control – you name it.

When installing such a system, you can completely control your home from vacation and even work, all from your smartphone! Carrying the best technology the industry has to offer, 4Sight Security keeps your home safe, but more importantly, it keeps your family safe. It is best to be on your toes when it comes to a possible home burglary – remain safe and never sorry.