An Affordable Car Or Truck Upgrade: Automotive Carpet

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts is your one stop shop for renovating and maintaining your 1955-57 Chevy truck. It really does not matter what condition the 1955-57 Chevy truck is in (well, you do have to be able to tell it is a Chevy), we have everything you need to bring it back to life. You can take a scrap yard truck that looks like it should be next in line for the crusher and completely restore it to a road worthy machine that will be the envy of all that see it. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts will become your best friend in bringing this about. It is fun and challenging to restore an old Chevy truck, but it brings fun to an all new level when you can renovate, customize and trick-out an old Chevy truck.

The Chevrolet Task Force was Chevrolet’s successor to the Advance Design series of trucks they came out with pre-1955. The Advance Design was a success for Chevrolet and they knew that the Task Force would need to really up the game to keep Chevrolet competitive in the pick-up truck market. From late 1955 through 1959, the Chevrolet Task Force (of pickup trucks) was called the Blue Chip Series, and is known to this day as a standard of pickup truck excellence from Chevy. In 1955, there were many standard options such as 12-volt electrical systems, the very first V8 (the 265 cubic inch) engine offered in a pickup truck, and fleet-side six, seven, and eight foot bed lengths.

The 1955 Second Series in the Task Force line had many new features that were firsts for pickup trucks. This was the first truck made for personal home use to have power steering and power brakes. It had a “wrap-around” curved windshield and if you were lucky enough to own a truck with a Deluxe cab, you could have an optional “wrap-around” rear window. A new body style made this possible and 1955 was the only year in Chevy history that you could buy a seven-foot bed length as a standard option.

Automotive Carpet Replacement – A Very Affordable Upgrade

As you restore your 1955-57 Chevy truck, the interior of the cab will be important because really, it is the place where you will spend the majority of your time while enjoying your truck. The outside can be fantastic looking, and you will love the appreciative nods, whistles and “thumbs-up” you will get from fellow drivers on the road, but where will you be while enjoying the ride? In the cab!

Nothing says “old truck” like stained, torn, stinky (and even missing) carpet. Even when you get the headliner, dash, windows and interior seat and doors upholstered and painted and fixed, that old carpet will make the whole cab still feel worn out. Replacing that carpet is easy and it is really one of the less expensive things to do that will make a huge difference in how the interior of your truck looks and feels. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has the original style replacement automotive carpet that will make the cab of your truck look and feel like new.

Even if you are lucky to have a truck that has carpet in it that has always been protected by floor mats, there are still areas like just inside the door sills that are going to be worn and stained. And the area over the transmission tunnel always seems like a magnet for spills, drips, and dirt. Worn out carpet sections are not easy to replace because of difficulties in matching the new carpet with the old, cutting holes in the old and matching the edges and sealing them so no fraying occurs is also tough. These patches reveal themselves every time the car door is opened. Tuckers replacement carpet kits will eliminate all old wear, stains, holes, and eliminate the need for patches. We will make that truck cab look cared for and be an enjoyable place for you to be.

With plenty of colors and the right style that is made to go in your exact model of 1955-57 Chevy truck, and the instructions that will make an amateur do-it-yourselfer lay carpet in the cab like a pro, a carpet kit from Tuckers Classic Auto Parts will have you smiling every time you open the door and step into that cab.