Adjustable Tube Clamps For Your Roll Bar

When you’re off-roading, you want to make sure that all of your necessities are with you and strapped down securely, this can be hard to manage if you’re just relying on straps to hold down your things in a dune buggy, SxS, or other off-road vehicles. That’s why many outdoor enthusiasts have begun to use the roll bar tubing as a place to mount all of their essential equipment. 

Adjustable tubing clamps, like these Roll Bar Accessory Mount clamps from TKO Clamps, are designed to hold all of your stuff in place even when everything else seems to get jostled around. Let’s take a look at what type of accessories can be mounted to roll bar tubing with these adjustable clamps, as well as how to use your tube clamps once you get them.

What Can I Attach To My Roll Bar Tube?

fire extinguisher on buggy

There are numerous things that you can attach safely to your roll bar tube, however, these are some of the most common things that you’ll find attached to your roll bar tube or luggage rack with roll bar accessory mounts are fire extinguishers, gas tanks, flashlights, GPS, cellphones, first aid kits, GoPros, etc. Mounting these accessories to your roll bar tube allows for easy access within reach. Roll bar clamps for tubes are great for your Razor, UTV, Jeep, or anything with a roll bar!

How Do I Install My Roll Bar Clamp & Accessories?

One of the great things about purchasing an adjustable roll bar tube clamp from TKO Clamps is that you can choose the right size adjustable tube clamps for any size of roll bar, even less common sizes like the 1.85″ on the Can-AM. Additionally, no special tools are needed to remove and reinstall your accessories. 

For installation of your accessory clamp, you will need a standard Phillips screwdriver and possibly an Allen wrench to attach your accessory to the clamp itself. Furthermore, these roll bar clamps will not damage your roll bar tubing or void your warranty of the roll bar itself because they do not require drilling to mount the clamps. 

You can find an accessory mount sizing guide, here for additional sizing information for your roll bar tubing. 

And last, but not least, when choosing an adjustable clamp for your roll bar tubing, you can choose between a security latch and a quick-release latch. A quick-release latch would be best for things you need to be able to get to quickly, like a fire extinguisher, cellphone, etc. A security mount is best for things like the gas tank and your GoPro, things you don’t necessarily need to get to super fast, but that you want to ensure are tightly secured. 

To get your American-made adjustable tube clamps for your off-road ride, visit TKO Clamps today!