About Your Classic Auto Restoration

If you have decided to start the journey of restoring a classic Chevrolet Truck, you are in for a treat. Being able to take something that has diminished over the years and restore it back to its original glory is a task you should take pride in. It takes many hours, dedication and the funds to take on such a task. From start to finish, restoring a classic takes planning. Once you are in the midst of the restoration you may find you needed more classic auto parts than you thought you did. Having a go-to trusted classic auto parts store you can trust has what you need, in the style you desire and also high-quality working order is a must. With Tuckers Classic Auto Parts helping you, you’ll have what you need and more. Tuckers specializes in Chevy and GMC truck parts. Teamed with their trusted manufacturers, Tuckers has a fully stocked inventory of auto parts for your restoration adventure. 

Why Choose a Chevrolet Truck to Restore

Chevrolet truck

According to The Antique Automobile Club of America, a classic automobile is defined as a vehicle that is between 25 to 50 years old. Anything over 50 years old is called an “antique”. As time goes on, certain classic cars become harder and harder to come by. A great reason to pick a Chevy Truck is that they are easier to find. Chevy Trucks were high in production and their production years lasted longer than others. Because of the higher availability, they are more affordable to purchase and also cheaper to work on. Another great perk from being common is the wealth of knowledge that is easily available. There are many websites, forums and groups, and manuals full of information on Chevy Trucks and how to properly restore them. 

Trucks have been known to hold their value much longer than other cars. This is due to being durable, useful, powerful machines. Most Chevrolet Trucks came equipped with a hefty V8 engine. Now, most people probably wouldn’t choose to put their classic to work, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option. Trucks are great for hauling and towing, no matter the year. Combine the held value of a truck along with the fact it’s a classic, you’re looking at a high-valued, long-lasting classic truck. Not to mention the myriad of options you can pick from when restoring a Chevy Truck. Many Chevrolet parts, especially the engine, are easily interchangeable with other vehicles. If you can’t find the specific Chevy part you need, you can reference an interchangeable guide to see what other vehicles have a part that would suit your needs. This allows you to make your truck even more customized to your liking.

Starting Your Restoration Project

When starting a restoration project there is a lot of different aspects to take into consideration. First things first, you have to obtain your project car. As stated above, choosing a Chevy Truck for your restoration project is a great option. The next step is to make an assessment of the overall condition of your truck. You’ll need to take note of what kind of condition the body is in. Many classics sit for years without being touched. If not properly stored and protected, the dreaded rust can appear! There is no coming back from rusted through sections other than to completely replace that section. If you’re lucky the rust won’t have gone through the metal and you can sand out the rust, use a car putty to even the spot out and then paint over it. Also, during this timeout, bugs and rodents can have their way with the fabric interiors and the inner wirings causing damage. 

Some people don’t think about the overall big picture of restoring a car. Many just think of getting the engine running again and stop there. Which yes, having a running engine is a very important part of a vehicle. However, if you want to properly and completely restore a car to its full glory, you’ll need to take into consideration all the little things as well such as:

  • Hood Hinges
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Body Hardware
  • Interior Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Seat Belts
  • Steering Column
  • Decals
  • Weatherstrip Rubber
  • And Much More!

Even though most of these things are relatively small parts, they are important pieces to your overall restoration. More often than not, these small parts are overlooked which would leave you with an incomplete restoration. Often times these parts are worn, damaged or even missing.

Choose Tuckers Classic Auto Parts

Not only do you want to find that perfect classic auto parts store to fulfill your Chevy truck replacement parts needs, but you also want to be able to get to know and trust them. Knowing your parts came from a trusted source will save you the stress of being concerned if the part is the right one or if it will work for your specific model. At Tuckers Classic Auto Parts, all of the employees have a deep passion for the classic and vintage automobile world. Each part is tested for a quality fit and to ensure it is in working order.

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts carries everything you could possibly need to restore and maintain your classic or vintage automobile. Their top products are mainly for Chevy or GMC Trucks ranging from the 1940s to the 1980s. Some common and popular products searched and bought from Tuckers include:

Chevy Truck Carpet Kit
  • Carpet kits – Carpet is needed to be replaced more often than not. With time carpet can fade in color, get torn or wet and deteriorate. Having new carpet installed really freshens up your interior. Tuckers has different styles and color options for its pre-molded carpet kits. Using a pre-molded carpet kit can help save you a lot of time, effort and a potential headache. These pre-molded carpet kits are ensured to fit the specific make and model of your vehicle, eliminating the need for you to cut, stretch and fit the carpet yourself.
  • Hood hinges – Although small and easily forgotten, hood hinges are quite important. They do in fact ensure your hood stays attached to the body of the car. You don’t want to be driving along with a worn out hood hinge and potentially lose your entire hood. Another important thing hood hinges do is help hold the hood open while you are working on the engine. At Tuckers, the hood hinges sold are made from the strongest and most durable metals to ensure a long lifespan of use.
instrument cluster for automobile
  • Instrument clusters – The standard instrument cluster usually consists of the speedometer, gas gauge, tachometer, and the temperature gauge. Each one of these helps you monitor your car as you drive. It’s important to have a present and a working one. You wouldn’t want your car to overheat and blow a head gasket without even knowing you were in danger of damages! At Tuckers Classic Auto Parts, there are several different styles of instrument clusters offered. These styles also have many different color combinations for you to choose from so as to match your vehicle perfectly.
  • Front Fender – The front fenders of classics definitely show style, character, and uniqueness. Whether damaged by rust or a fender bender, you may need to replace them. Fenders also serve a purpose by preventing mud, rocks and other road debris from being thrown out by the tires. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts takes the time to fit and test all products to ensure a perfect fit for your specific make and model. 

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has many other replacement parts for whatever project you may have. Be sure to check out their New Product page for all freshly restored classic and vintage auto parts at the shop. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with any of your purchased products or the service offered from the passionate and knowledgeable staff at Tuckers Classic Auto Parts.