A Rough Barbershop Business Plan

Original Article Written By: Brian Green

Hairdressing and hairdressing salon is a business like any other and requires a business plan adapted to the specifics of this activity. If you know how to cut and beautify and flirt with the idea of having your own hair salon, then you will find the lines below very useful.

Here are the plans for such a business, what are the costs and opportunities of a barbershop:

Like any professional business plan and the plan of a barbershop must contain this chapter.
Here will be written the name of the company, the legal form, the founding partners, the share capital, the address and field of activity, and possibly the contact person.

Business Description

Offering hairdressing and hairdressing services to clients from the commune or the neighborhood (from case to case).
You can also mention here the vision and slogan of the company, etc.
The following is a description of the team if it is the case of a company with several employees.

Services Offered

• Men’s haircut – 7 dollar
• Women’s hairstyle – 10 dollar
• Permanently small – 22 dollar
• Permanently high – 22 dollar
• Painted – 14 dollar
• Manicure – 9 dollar
and so on.

Market Analysis

Here we consider the clientele you are addressing. If it is a hairdresser from the rural area, the only one in the commune, then the client you target, are almost all the inhabitants of that area.
But if the barbershop is in an urban environment, then share the clientele with other salons and barbershops in the area.
Also, depending on the profile of the salon, the clientele can be of both sexes or only unisex.
We must not forget the competition. Before entering the market, you must have as much data as possible: if the population is increasing or decreasing, if it has financial possibilities to use your services or not if you have strong or weak competition, and so on.

Proposed Objectives

Here is the place to set the targets. For example recovery of the investment in 3 months of activity, a monthly income of 1500 dollar or 15,000 dollars (the difference is given by the environment in which the salon is located, one is to have a hairdresser in a commune and another is to have a salon of cosmetics in a big city, with a commercial ford, near an office building where many elegant ladies work), etc.

Marketing Strategy

Here you will pass the promotion strategy. Let’s say: 7 street banners, 500 flyers to be distributed through discos, bars or mailboxes, 10 ads in the local press, etc.
Highlighting the strengths of the business, for example, you will have lower prices than the competition, you will offer extra services, you will have more talented staff, etc.
The dangers and threats that plague the business: lack of financing, the mentality of regular customers with old barber service providers, low incomes of the population, legislative changes, etc.

Estimated Costs

Expenses with setting up the company: 250 dollars
Workspace arrangement (utensils, mirror, chairs, cash register, ceramic wall, and floor tiles, etc.): 5,000 dollars. You can list each one separately with the related costs.
Monthly rent for the working point: 250 dollars/month
Employee salary (if applicable): 180 dollar / month + social contributions
Of course, the above figures are estimates, you can have your own space, and then you no longer pay rent, you can be the only employee, and then you no longer pay a salary, you can have some endowments, and then you no longer need those expenses, etc.
In addition to these start-up costs or initial investment, you must also take into account the monthly expenses with the raw material (paints, powders, foam, etc.), the cost of utilities (water, electricity), rent (if applicable), and so on.

Broadly speaking, this is a barbershop business plan.