7K Metals: Scam Companies & How To Avoid Them

Take it from 7K Metals, scam companies and shifty individuals saturate the field of gold and silver investing, and you need to know how to spot these scammers and avoid them at all costs.

Let’s look at some common tactics that companies and individuals use to screw you out of your hard-earned money.

Bait & Switch

7k metals scam

This involves a company or dealer leading you to believe they have a precious metals coin that you’re looking for, only to suddenly bring up a different coin that you can purchase now but only if you act fast!

This different, “better”, and “rarer” coin is most likely of lower quality and probably going for a slightly higher price than the initial coin you wanted. 

Don’t get duped into purchasing this last-minute “upgrade”—if you can’t easily purchase the coin you wanted at the price they quoted, hang up the phone and look elsewhere.

Swiss Procedure

7k metals scam

At 7K Metals, scam tactics like the Swiss Procedure are things we’ve heard about all-too often. 

It goes like this: You get an email from someone you’ve never heard of asking your help on a massive gold deal that’s worth thousands, millions, or maybe even billions of dollars—and they need your help!

Why? Well…seriously, why? Anyone involved in a gold transaction with that much money on the line isn’t going to be reaching out to random people via email for help. 

If you see emails talking about “Swiss procedure”, “release payments”, or “5,000 metric tonnes” from people you don’t know who need your help, block them and delete their emails.

Autobahn Gold

7k metals scam

This has been a long-time scam in Germany but it’s also made its way throughout Europe and now into the US. This is something on our 7K Metals scam radar that you need to know about.

It usually goes something like this: Some stranger runs up to you while you’re walking down the street. They tell you this sob story about how they’re in an emergency situation and need to get to the airport, hospital, or some other location immediately, however, they’ve run out of gas money. So, they offer what they claim to be a solid gold necklace, bracelet, or maybe even a coin in return for some cash. 

Of course, all you’ll get in return for your money is solid brass.

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid anyone who runs up to you on the street with a long, drawn-out story and a quick way you can fix their problem and “profit” while doing so.

Take It From 7K Metals: Scam Companies Are Everywhere—Join A Legit Precious Metals Investing Company That Won’t Rip You Off

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