3 of The Best Ways To Replace Missing Teeth

As children, nothing was quite as exciting as losing a tooth and waiting to see how much money the tooth fairy left you under your pillow, not to mention the few days where you were the center of attention in class! However, losing adult teeth as a teenager or adult is not as fun, and we’re sorry to report that for some reason, the tooth fairy doesn’t seem to care that much for adult teeth. However, if you are missing a tooth or a few teeth, there is something much better than finding a quarter under your pillow: cosmetic dentistry. 

Cosmetic dentistry in Idaho Falls can help you to restore your smile after you have lost a tooth or several teeth. Depending on the circumstances that caused you to lose your tooth, your budget, and your goals, you can work with your Idaho Falls dentist to find a cosmetic dentistry solution for you. 

Below, you’ll find some of the best ways that our cosmetic dentists in Idaho Falls can help you to bring back your smile and your confidence.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a wonderful way to restore your smile if you are only missing one tooth or a couple of teeth. Dental implants are anchored into your gums with a metal screw that replaces your natural tooth’s root. The screws or anchors of the dental implants can take up to a month or more to heal until they are ready for the crown or replacement tooth to be fitted and shaped to look like the rest of your teeth. 

Dental implants supply a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth and look and feel like your real tooth. Dental implants are made to last and with proper care can last a lifetime. Because they work so well and are designed to last, they are also one of the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures. But because they look so natural and can last so long, we believe this cosmetic dentistry solution is one of the best methods available for replacing a missing tooth.


If there are teeth on each side of the missing tooth, a bridge is an excellent option to replace the missing tooth. To place a bridge, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will need to be trimmed to connect them and a crown will be cemented in to give the look and feel of the surrounding teeth. Compared to dental implants a tooth-supported bridge is much less expensive and is a good alternative to dental implants or even an implant-supported bridge. However, filing down the teeth on either side of the missing tooth can lead to issues in the future especially if the bridge is fitted to the lower jaw and cleaning may be an issue if food gets stuck underneath the bridger. But, if you are good at taking care of your teeth and invest in some floss threaders to get into the hard-to-reach places you should be just fine. 

Partial Dentures

If you are missing more than one tooth and are money conscious, partial dentures might be right for you. Removable partial dentures are also easy to repair and replace. You can even add extra teeth to the denture if for some reason another tooth needs to be replaced! When people are first fitted for partial dentures, they may feel uncomfortable at first, whereas an implant or bridge is hardly noticeable after healing. Despite the wearing curve of wearing dentures, partial dentures still remain one of the easiest and most affordable solutions to take care of missing teeth. Do you need a tooth or teeth replaced? Contact our Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry office, Eagle Rock Dental Care, today!