3 Common Mistakes While Fishing at New Melones Lake Marina

So, you want to go fishing at New Melones Lake but don’t want to make it a wasted trip. Read on and find out what 3 common mistakes are while fishing and how to avoid them. New Melones Lake has many different attractions to offer, from boat rentals to parties. If fun is what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Although some days you just want a relaxing day by the lake, fishing is perfect for that. Fishing is very peaceful, but you don’t want to go home empty-handed, so some chaos catching fish after fish is fun too! To ensure you will have the best day possible; make sure you are prepared, from your approach to the lake to what gear you bring. Also, make sure you are using the right hooks and bait for the job, you don’t want to bring the wrong type of bait or hook that won’t attract any fish. Lastly, you should bring the right pole and line for the job, a stream fishing pole is very different from a lake pole, and you never want to rig your pole up with an old line.

Check the Weather

Being prepared is crucial to fishing, how upset would you be if you head out to New Melones Lake to go fishing, but forgot your tackle box at home, our guess is pretty upset. We want to make sure you are fully prepared to have a nice day at the lake; by checking the weather, how you approach the water, and how much gear to bring. Weather is very tricky for fishing, the weather will also depend on what types of fishing techniques you will use. Fish don’t like sudden weather changes, so if it is supposed to be sunny in the morning and turn to very rainy mid-afternoon, try to get some early fishing done and head home as it starts raining. If it happens to be a cloudy day, it will be a good day. Since the sun isn’t warming the water, fish will seek out food instead of staying in one spot. 

fishing with the sunset

The temperature will also affect fish behavior, very high or very low temperatures will limit fish activity, fish prefer steady weather. If it is a sunny day at New Melones Lake, make sure to bring your sinkers, fish will tend to stay at the bottom of the water to avoid the harsh sun. If the weatherman calls for light rain, don’t be discouraged, this should make you excited. Fish will look for food when it rains because the bugs will fall into the water and get pushed beneath the surface. Although it is probably best to stay home if it will be heavy rain, it could make the water muddy and hard for the fish to see your bait. 

Checking the weather is very important to ensure success, but if you get to the lake making a lot of noise and vibrations the fish will swim far out of cast range. In order to have a good day fishing, try to be as stealthy as possible when getting to the shoreline at New Melones Lake. Lake fishing is much different than stream fishing. Stream fishing requires you to move down the stream, following the current, so you want to be as light as possible. On the other hand, if you’re at the lake you will be staying in one spot, so feel free to bring a whole tackle box full of gear. Although having a whole tackle box is useless if you don’t know what to use. 

Use the Right Bait

fishing tackle box

You may be looking into your brand new tackle box that you got as a birthday present seeing 2 different types of hooks. You see one with 3 barbs (Treble Hook) and another with only 1 (Bait Hook). 3 is better than 1 right? Well, not for shoreline fishing at New Melones Lake. While shoreline fishing it is most often used with worms and other types of bait, it would be too much bait to put on a treble hook, so it is best to use a bait hook. Bait hooks typically have worms or “power bait” on them, they are best designed for that. Lake fishing is the most common body of water to use a bobber and bait hook, as the bobber stops the hook from sinking and getting caught in vegetation at the bottom of the lake, so make sure to have some bobbers with you.

Be Prepared

Imagine catching what feels like the biggest fish of your life only for the line to break 5ft from the shore. Preparation can often catch you the most fish, and the biggest. Another common mistake at New Melones Lake is not enough line, making your first cast out and you get half the distance you were hoping for, now your stuck restringing your pole when you could be fishing. The night before you go to the lake should be spent checking the lines on your poles, making sure it is a newer line and has enough line to cast with. Also, be sure to bring your lake fishing poles instead of your stream poles. A stream pole is much lighter and has more “give” in the pole, it is best suited for short quick movements. A lake pole is much longer to help give you more distance with your cast, it also is much stiffer helping you fight for those bigger fish. 

While fishing out at New Melones Lake be sure to keep in mind these 3 mistakes and try to avoid them. And don’t be afraid to rent a boat to go fishing out on the water or any other fun activities you’d like to try!